The A1 team consists of more than 11 active players, but the team spirit is definitely up to the professional league. At least that’s what Elvir Karahasanovic thinks. Just a few years ago, he shone with his dribbling skills on the football pitch and today, as Account Manager, he convinces the West of Austria of the A1 Business Solutions. In the interview he tells us more about the fascination of football and parallels to professional life.

As a former striker in the national league for FC Tyrol, Elvir has gained football experience on a high level and today he lives out his passion as a coach at the Axams football club in Tyrol after work. Listen to him in the interview.

Elvir Karahasanovic

Why soccer? What fascinates you about it?
Football is for me a balance for work, until 5 years ago I was active myself. Football is my passion — both active and passive.

You work as a trainer. How have the last few months been during Corona?
I train both the Axams / Grinzens fighting team and the 13- / 14-year-old youth players from Tyrol. For us, football is not just a physical training, it also has an important social function. During the Corona lockdown we had to take a break, we followed the legal requirements and trained at a distance. Everything has been running normally again since mid-June.


How do you combine work and football?
Training is three to four times a week, it always works out well after work and I can clear my head.

Football is a team sport. How do you see it at A1?
It is with football as with work, each and every one must contribute to improve together as a team. I benefit from team meetings and the exchange with my colleagues. I believe that in a functioning team everyone can learn something from the team and the team in return from every member.

Which soccer tricks help you in your job?
Football is also a good door opener in business. Sometimes you can quickly find a good start to a conversation, but ultimately it is our solutions that matter. At any rate, the same applies everywhere: Fair Play. ;-)

Who are you keeping your fingers crossed for?
My favorite team is definitely Liverpool. Cool players and also their coach Jürgen Klopp is a great role model for me.