There are times when you really have to be strong. The current Corona situation is without doubt a serious test for all of us. Follow us in this A1 Story, meet some of the A1 Croatian heroes, Maja, Marko, Hrvoje, Stjepan and his team, learn more about the extra challenges it is facing right now and how it perfectly lives team spirit.

While Corona means lots of changes in private and business life to many of us, for our Croatian A1 Team it is a challenge on three fronts. As soon as measures regarding the Corona defense were put into place, an earthquake trembled Zagreb and its surrounding area, followed by heavy snowfalls. And the A1 Team in Croatia? They are known for their passionate spirit and even though they, at the moment, are in a really challenging situation, they are working bravely all day. They are standing figuratively side-by-side, growing even stronger and supporting each other.

A few of our A1 Croatia heroes share their insights on the current situation. There is at least one thing they all have in common:

»We are proud of the results we are achieving as a team in this emerging situation – no matter the position within the A1 Croatia team.«

Marko Erceg – Complaint Specialist and Volunteer of the Croatian Volunteering Rescue Service

On the day of the earthquake in Zagreb, Marko knew what his job was. He went out to help people which´ homes were destroyed by the earthquake, no matter of the fact that he could be infected with the COVID–19 virus.

How do you motivate yourself to help people in this dangerous situation especially after we heard that you had medical surgery recently?
I always have a motive for helping when I see that a person is powerless and I have the knowledge and skills to help them safely, so that nothing can stop me from doing so. I feel good and afterwards happy and fulfilled.

What kind of feeling is it when you help people?
When I help people, I first feel adrenaline flowing in me and afterwards feelings of pleasure and fulfilment. Finally happiness when I see that there is no more fear and pain on the face of the injured people.

What are you particularly proud of?
First of all, I am proud of my family that supports me and the work of the Croatian Volunteer Rescue Service that enables me to help those who need it the most. I am proud of myself, because by voluntary work I am helping a community to be safe and secure.

What do you wish for the time after Corona?
I wish that we all become better people who help each other as we do now in this difficult time. A person who once received help from someone always returns it selflessly and helps others. Because of that the whole world will become a better place to live.

Maja Blažinović — Senior Business Customer Support Specialist

How is it to handle customer inquiries from home? What are the special challenges for you?
The approach to inquiries remained the same. At this point, I would say that most challenging thing for me was the physical separation from my peers and teammates.

Which topics are currently the most popular with customers?
Given the fact that most people are at home, vast requests are the ones for data packages. Everyone stayed busy even though they work from home and we make sure that our customers can rely on us to stay connected.

What has changed in the course of customer inquiries?
We nurture business-friendly relationship with customers, so we can recognize the change in their workday routine just by making one phone call. Most of them talk in a more relaxed manner than before. Since we communicate with them on a daily basis, they even like to add a little ‘chit-chat’, which always brightens me up.

Can you tell us about a customer experience that touched you in a special way?
A certain number of our business customers are hospitals. Health workers are giving their best to do their job and it’s really a heart-warming fact that we can help them by providing services to stay connected 24/7.

What are your wishes for the time after Corona?
When the situation changed itself to get harder, we changed ourselves to become stronger. We have proven that we are capable of succeeding in our field, even in the most challenging adversity. So, I hope that we will always keep determined our mind-set and team spirit along the way.

Hrvoje Đurđic Radio Network Operations Expert – Climber

What has changed for you in the last two weeks and where are the challenges?
The change was significant. We are working from home like others, but unlike them, when we get extension jobs like an alarm or customer ticket we have to go out there in an unsafe area.

How do you deal with the Corona protection measures and are you worried that you might get infected?
Of course, I’m aware of the danger, taking it serious and doing everything in my power and what is advised by relevant organizations to protect myself and people around me. Also, the security situation has been changed after the earthquake in Zagreb. Many buildings and sites are partly demolished and still not valuated, or are graded unsafe.

How do you motivate yourself in this exceptional situation?
Everybody is aware that the Telco sector is of vital significance in COVID- 19 times, so I’m highly motivated to deliver my best for my country’s well-being.

What are you particularly proud of?
I’m proud of my A1 team community. A1 enabled all field engineers with safety equipment as well as established new working procedure in time, so we can maximize our safety when working.

Stjepan Radman Livaja Regional Proprietary Retail Network & Direct Sales Manager

For which products and services do you receive most customer enquiries?
During this different mode of work, our customers most often ask about the Internet as a whole-house solution. When we connect this to our services, we usually talk about Homebox.

What has changed in the way of working?
As we´re working from home now, our live shop customers cannot see us and our products through the camera, so we cannot show the device live. As an alternatively, we are showing it by sharing our Website ( Other colleagues who used to work in our shops now call customers from their homes, which is a big difference in communication.

What did it take to adjust to the new Corona situation and to keep the focus on the customer?
The communication with our customers changed as we are currently unable to complete all fixed service installations, but we managed to found alternative ways.

How do you work together now?
We are communicating via Skype, we are talking about everything. As a team, we function very well as we did before this situation.


Skype with: Stjepan, Anđela, Mia, Karla & Nives, Ljiljana, Martina, Marin, Ivana.

Can you tell us about a customer experience that particularly touched you?
Customers are very kind to us. What touches us most is that everyone praises our expertise, kindness and A1 offering the best possible solution.

»Our motivation: Being there for our customers, when they need us most.«

What are your wishes for the time after Corona?
When all this is over, we would like to keep this harmony in the team and continue to apply all new channels of communication with our customers that we have mastered during the COVID-19 crisis.

Finally, we would like to thank all our colleagues, from other departments: IT, Telesales, RCC, Channel Management and BO for all of the help they’ve given to relocate our work units from shops to our homes in a very short time, to train our staff to use tools that our colleagues with TS and RCC are using on a daily basis so that we can work together to satisfy all of our customers who, in this difficult time, must especially feel our motto „customer first.”

Our motto these days: We will help our customers to #StayConnected and we are asking them to #BeSafe and #StayHome :-)