Finally, the last puzzle piece was put into place to complete the A1 brand family. Join us on a rebranding journey to Serbia, which has similarities to a rollercoaster ride and meet some members of our new A1 Team who share their rebranding feelings with us.

It all began in 2017 when the »one company – one brand« strategy was born in A1 Group with one aim – to unite all its operating companies under one unified brand, to become stronger together in fulfilling our A1 vision »Empowering Digital Life«.

»It sounds like something dominant. It has A and 1 which are the first letter and number, so double domination!«

– Customer A1 Serbia

So, the years went by, subsidiaries became A1 one by one, joining the great A1 family, exploring and creating new opportunities of digitalization, but there was one piece of the puzzle missing: A1 Serbia.

Our rebranding journey started at the end of 2019 when we officially announced that our company Vip mobile would rebrand and become A1 Serbia. The announcement happened at the company’s New Year’s party and we all knew that 2020 would be an exciting and adventurous year for us. Of course, we couldn’t imagine back then how adventurous and surprising it actually would be!


We spent the first two months of 2020 forming our project team, creating plans and strategies and just when we started to make first steps and to have fun, Corona happened! And all stopped … With the support of the A1 Group, we, nevertheless, decided not to wait for the pandemic`s end, but to continue our mission, our journey in spite of all the circumstances.

»Everything is possible when you have a great team and technology.«

»I like this change. You take good care of your customers, there are always some innovations, some new offers, everything is great!«

– Customer A1 Serbia

Though we were lacking physical contact, we still proved our capability of handling difficult situations and were standing side-by-side – virtually ;-). In the first months of 2021, we started building up excitement with numerous exciting activities for our team to keep the arc of suspense until the secret launch day.

More than 150 people were actively involved in different rebranding streams to change processes, systems, preparing new products and services for our customers. And then after all doubts, anxieties, excitements and lockdowns, we launched our new brand A1 Serbia on April 7th and completed the puzzle by joining our big A1 brand family!

»It was a unique, once-in-a-lifetime experience.«

We caught some funny, exciting and emotional moments from our Serbian people from the first moments and days after we became A1 Serbia:

»Your new name is very interesting, it sounds like a new beginning. I like the space and new colours. Everything looks great.«

– Customer A1 Serbia

Looking forward to …

One thing that we could’t do on the launch day was being together, all at one place, to celebrate our great achievement. But, if we learned something along this bumpy road, that is to be patient, persistent and adaptable. As we are determined to have a great party one day and celebrate all we’ve done, we will wait patiently and in the meantime we will enjoy our new A1 ride!