In the beginning of 2020 and earlier, many projects have been set up, team meetings have been scheduled, even business travels have been arranged. With the outbreak of COVID-19 also business live was turned upside down and adaptions in projects had to be taken. Would it be possible to launch a campaign when all team members are locked down in home office? Listen to Nikola Matasovic, Proposition Expert at A1 Croatia and find out!

Nikola Matasovic

Nikola is working at A1 Croatia for more than 2.5 years. His recent project was to introduce a new prepaid portfolio within the youth segment, planned as agile teamwork it was totally conducted from home offices. In this interview, he shares his insights with us:

What are your main responsibilites?

I’m working as proposition expert, which means my main responsibilities are: A1prepaid and Tomato /our No-Frill/ prepaid and postpaid. If we go little bit more in details, my responsibilities include: monitoring our market and the moves of our competitors, building new offers for new and existing customers as well as tracking revenue development.

Youth campaign was the last interesting project you worked on, what it is about and what was your role in the project?

In this interesting project that we just launched my role was the product owner of the prepaid agile team. Since the beginning of last year, we have set it up in order to increase both our go2market delivery and overall prepaid customer experience. As part of our Youth campaign, we have launched a new prepaid portfolio.

What is special about the Youth segment?

The Youth segment is a little bit different than other segments as „digital“ is an integrated part of their lives. They want to be connected and to share their experiences everytime and everywhere. So, one of their primary needs is to have enough data for everything – and that’s the point where the new A1 portfolio comes with 5 different tariffs providing enough data for everyone.

What are your experiences and learnings from the project and how will you remember this project?

Except launching a great new portfolio that we’re very proud of – we will all remember this project because we were starting it just before COVID-19 crisis. And suddently, we ended up working from home. After a week of adapting – we became used to it and the result was great: a new prepaid portfolio that was from scratch made from home. I want to use this opportunity to thank everyone that was working on this project: Marija, Monika & Irena. Iva, Tomislav, Roman, Bojan & Gordan. Violeta & Vesna. Mirela, Jasmina, Gorana & Deni.

Three words that your colleagues would describe you?

pragmatic, proactive, determined

Three words to describe the A1 team?

agile, friendly, reliable

What will be your next challenge?

My next big challenge will be to inform the whole base on old portfolios and try to migrate them to this newest and best portfolio we have ever launched.

Working at A1?

It’s never boring and you see the results of your work.