Especially in times of uncertainty, customs and traditions have a special function. They convey stability and reliability and provide support in an extraordinary time. What about the upcoming Easter celebrations? Family celebration in home isolation? Will the Easter Bunny even find us? What is like otherwise and what will be different? We asked around with the A1 Team!

What it takes to make a party a party.

This year we celebrate Easter differently than usual. Instead of family reunions on a large scale with an abundantly laid table, egg hunts in the garden or an Easter holiday, we will have a holiday on a balcony at best. But that is no reason to hang your head. We asked the A1 team how Easter can still be successful!

How are you getting ready for Easter?

»Getting ready means a bunch of flowers and definitely stocking up enough chocolate rabbits,« Barbara, A1 Austria

»Looking forward with a very good mood to all the Easter traditions and the smell of spring everywhere. The current situation is quite unusual for all of us but I respect the rules very much and for me it is fine to go with a mask to the supermarket to do this traditional Easter shopping. We have to go through these hard times together and to go amongst others keeping the necessary distance is a part of the common social responsibility for me,« Vyara, A1 Group


»Because of the situation I think I will do all the shopping online since I know that due to the upcoming holiday it will be crowded in the big markets,« Zlatica, A1 Macedonia

»Early in the morning, my partner usually goes to the market for some Easter classic menu – ham, horseradish and eggs. Potica is a dessert that Slovenes do not miss on the menu, but I entrust the preparation to the elderly lady who makes it for us every year. My young ones are already looking forward to Easter eggs painting we usually do with onion peels and some extra decoration. The messier the better, :)« Janja, A1 Slovenia

Kids love Easter. What are you doing?

»We love tradition and, as we have three small children (Jan 8, Juraj 5 and Toma 3 – three boys with energy level Pro +) so we are always trying to include them in as many activities as we can. The older boys like egg paintings and the youngest likes baking bread with ham, because he can play with flour of course. There is lot of cleaning afterwards but having fun is most important :-),« Iva, A1 Croatia

»My kids spend their Easter holidays painting Easter eggs and making decorations. There are so many good ideas and inspiration on the internet,« Javi, A1 Austria


»We would normally be happy and excited to wait for the Easter holidays, but this year the excitement is missing as we are already stuck at home for a couple of weeks. We started with smaller decorations, like egg nest, a couple of test egg coloring to occupy my little one (Ema) – and I broke 2 eggs already, so after a lot of crying I promised to do it again with her,« Hrvoje, A1 Group


»The best part is of course the painting of the eggs. My little daughter is 4 and she wants to take part in everything – she will color herself too, but it is a lot of fun. We will also make homemade Easter bread – this is my new challenge. I think that after I manage raising my child while working from home – the Easter bread will be easy,« Katya, A1 Bulgaria

What‘s your favorite Easter tradition and how are you organizing it this year? “

»In Macedonia we celebrate Easter on April 19th. I strictly hold on to tradition and on Great Thursday I wake up before dawn and paint a few eggs in red, just like my mother taught me. I let my kids paint the rest of the eggs with different colors, decorate them and I prepare the traditional meat, mimosa salad and cake,« Zlatica, A1 Macedonia

»Of course I would have liked to have a big family reunion as we‘re spread between Croatia, Austria & The Netherlands, We can’t get together this time, but will celebrate Easter and keep traditions also in this crazy time. So, we‘re decorating and slowly getting ready. “Cvjetnica” (Palm Sunday) is one of my favorite Easter traditions although I’m not religious,« Patricia, A1 Group

»Certain life situations, such as being quarantined during the greatest orthodox holiday, makes us appreciate more things that we normally take for granted, or don‘t even consider not having. Twice a year, on Easter and Christmas, my family gathers. It’s our tradition, no matter where we are and what we do, those are our specials days. This year our tradition is ought to be conveyed into the virtual universe. I was never fond of VCs, nothing can replace a hug, but we already scheduled our Easter lunch online (extraordinary circumstances require extraordinary measures :-)) and I cannot wait to see those dear faces smiling,« Aleksandra, Vip mobile

“Well, besides our favorite “tradition” – Christmas breakfast, on the Easter morning we usually go to the park and hide some chocolate-eggs so our little Ema can find it. This year we would try to do it somehow earlier in the morning where no one would be in the park, or we will simply hide it in our apartment,” Hrvoje, A1 Group

What’s a must to have on the table on Easter day?

»Best about Easter is the Easter Cake, which I love to bake. This year I will freeze in some of it to share it with my family later on,« Yulija, A1 Belarus. Find the recipe here.

»No Easter can pass without traditional Easter food! Colored eggs are a must in Serbia. Many families have “pogača”, a traditional handmade cake similar to bread which is decorated with eggs for this occasion. When it comes to the main course, we love to let the imagination run wild and have something unusual that we do not eat every day,« Aleksandra, Vip mobile

»Our Easter table will not be different because we prepared ham in winter and have lots of flour for bread baking (this is probably the same in most Croatian families :-)). For eggs, onion, cheese and cream we organized delivery from locals. What will miss besides my family, are my favorite tulips on the table,« Iva, A1 Croatia

How do you keep in touch with your parents, family members and friends?

»My friends and family are situated in my home country Bulgaria and all over the world. With all of them I have a special connection and type of communication and I am so happy to have all of the chats, messengers, endless phone call, etc. so I can keep these unique relationships with each one of them. As we are living in very modern communication era all the chit-chatting possibilities are amazing to keep us close! I still have not tried these videoconferencing dinners and coffees but maybe Easter could be a good occasion,« Vyara, A1 Group

»Via Facebook messenger. We already got used to it in the past weeks and so far, it works fine,« Janja, A1 Slovenia

»Video calling is our favorite communication tool, as we can not only hear our near and dear, but see them and spend time together as well,« Denis, A1 Belarus


»This will be a really different Easter from what we are used to. I will be at home with my husband and two kids, competing whose egg is the strongest. :-) Unfortunately, we will not visit our relatives as we do every year, but thanks to technology we will all join through a video call on Skype; with our aunt who lives in Argentina, with our uncle who lives in wonderful Prague and with our grandparents who live close. We will »hug« them and send them kisses, wish them good health and happy Easter,« Zlatica, A1 Macedonia

»I talk with my mother two times a day but I prefer not to visit her very often because of the virus,« Katya, A1 Bulgaria

»Happy Easter!
Честит Великден!
Frohe Ostern!
Счастливой Пасхи!
Честит Велигден!
Srećan Uskrs!
Sretan Uskrs!
Vesele velikonočne praznike!«