Mobile devices are getting more and more powerful. We permanently want to save larger data, music, photos and videos should be available at any place so that they can be accessed or shared any time. The technical solution to achieve this lays in the Cloud. It is omnipresent today and in our future and should therefore be planned cautiously. At A1 Adela Caushi is making the Cloud brighter. Get to know Adela and the Cloud closer.

Let´s start with a short explanation. What is actually the Cloud? This is actually a metaphor for the Internet and connected computers.

The Cloud is a virtual space in which people are working, pursuing entrepreneurial tasks or enjoy entertainment alone or with others.

Our A1 vision is to empower the digital life of people and to support this in the best possible way #empoweringdigitallife

Adela Caushi
IT & Cloud Strategy Lead

What will the future bring?

Cloud without a strategy is like a thunderstorm without a rainbow. At A1 Adela is leading our Cloud strategy. With Greek-Albanese roots, the computer scientist gained international professional experience in the Telco industry in Albania, Slovakia and Czech Republic until she joined the A1 Team in April 2021. Privately her two kids are keeping her in action. What keeps her in motion professionally, Adela is revealing in 21 questions during a short walk in Vienna.

Different types of Cloud services

Customers are demanding resilient environments, which are secure and cost effective. Public providers are bringing new features and services to their Cloud environments to fulfill those customers` needs. That´s why e.g. with Exoscale we are building those services and offering to our customers. The offer ranges from infrastructure rental services (IaaS – infrastructure as a Services) to CaaS (Containers as a service), DBaaS – Database as a Service up to to including, etc.

From Telco to Tech company

Classical Telco companies are steadily moving towards becoming Cloud providers and businesses are migrating their products or are developing new Cloud narrative products. We at A1 want to make the Cloud end-devices such as machines, autonomous cars or robots in a factory available close to the user or the customer. The vicinity to the Cloud decreases latency and increases security. And not in the least, we want to Cloudify our internal network in order to be able to offer it to our customers.

Bright prospects

Cloud investments are also bringing new job profiles as well as new jobs. We are preparing for this with the support of an appropriate Skill Management, by offering skills development to ensure that we are all becoming Cloud fans.