»A super hero is a fictive figure which mostly possesses supernatural capabilities or high tech equipment with which they protect humankind and fight the evil.“ Insofar the definition by Wikipedia. Our A1 heroes, on the contrary, although mostly without a cape, are very much real and for sure they are on the way with a mission to help our customers. And in times of Corona, this »on the way«, sometimes also is at home and this is where we visited five of them. Meet Jennifer, Katharina, Momirka, Armin and Toni.

Currently we’re amidst a situation, which most of us only know from stories or books. Curfews and home isolation, life is up-side-down in March 2020. For a large part of our A1 Team and its customers, daily life is taking place exclusively within their own four walls. Thus it’s all the more important to have a trusted employer, partner and vendor who puts the prerequisites into place to enable working and staying connected with loved ones despite exceptional circumstances.

»Super heroes typically have great courage and a noble character.«


We are accompanying A1 heroes on their various missions throughout the countries of our company. Four Austrian colleagues showing us how they are bringing normality in turbulent times are making the start. #MakeItHappen

Jennifer Sladek, A1 Field Force

What has changed for you during the past two weeks and what are the challenges?
In the past two weeks, quit some things have changed. We have to wear gloves now when we are in customer contact, if necessary also wear mouth protection and keep a safety distance.

How are you personally dealing with the Corona protective measures and do you have any concerns that you possibly could get infected?
Of course I´m worried, I keep the the protective measures and there is a little bit of fear that I could infect myself and with this also other people, e.g. my family.

How do you start your day in these exceptional circumstances?
For sure it´s important to stay motivated. I´m happy each day when I come home and spend time with my loved ones and family.

Katharina Geissler, A1 Field Force

How is it to be at home with our customers especially these days?
The situation somewhat tense, but these times require a little bit of a different approach e.g. instead of shaking hands, giving a big smile. I try to loosen up the frustration and fear of the customer with  an occasional joke, this way the visit gets more relaxed.

Can you share a customer story which touched you especially?
Only yesterday I attended to a call. At first I tried to fix the problem from the outside but it didn´t work. I tinged the doorbell and when the door opened the customer awaited me with a smiling face. He was protected with gloves and a mask himself, which was very reassuring for me. Great was, inspite of keepting the safety distance he held a flashlight for me. What especially moved me during this visit is that for the first time I felt that the solidarity between people is completely different.

What are you especially proud of?
Of how we are holding together in the company, cross department and unit, everyone is going the extra mile. And if someone is not in such great spirits, we are here to motivate each other.

Momirka Bojanic, A1 Shop

In which products and services are our customers most interested in currently?
Due to the current circumstances they are interested in a stable Internet at home.

What has changed in your daily working routine?
Out of two shops one was created and this one team was split in half again. This means that in case Team 1 drops out, we always have Team 2 which is available for our customers as a backup.

What did it take to adopt to the new situation due to Corona and to keep the focus on the customer?
The A1 Crisis Team informed us really well about the situation. We´re taking the situation seriously. Because the company is here for me in such difficult times, I am also here for the company when it needs me.

What are you proud of?
I am proud of this hero company and its hero employees and team spirit.

Anton Kesinovic, A1 Customer Service & Sales, currently mobile working

Like many others, Toni´s working space is at home these days. He finds his motivation in long walks on the balcony with a cup of coffee. In an interview he is telling us how he is experiencing his new working environment and how he perceives the change in customer contact.

What is it like to work on customer queries from home?
The biggest challenges is to focus on work. In the office one is in a working modus, at home there are many things that can distract me.

On which topics do you receive the most customer inquiries?
Now General Managers have the time to take of their contracts … Are there contracts up-to-date, do they need more mobile data volume, more mobile phones for their employees. Subjectively sales have increased for me.

Which customer experience moved you recently?
A single mom urgently needed help with the set-up of email addresses and mobile phones of her children. She was really happy and relieved when we solved it and the kids could get started.

What would you wish for the time after Corona?
We should definitely keep the cohesion that developed during this crisis. With us: internally, cross-department at the moment is simply phenomenal, how we´re set-up, is what we definitely should keep.


As A1 we are not always in the front lines but also as an assist we are helping so that the goodness wins. For example, when Armin Fauland, working at SOS ICT Design temporary exchanges the A1 Team for Team Austria at the Red Cross. In his function as a coordinator he is taking care that help is available there where its needed. “Members of Team Austria are people like you and me, who just want to help“, says Armin in his solidary statement.

To be continued …