Taking care of our environment, setting concrete actions to reduce global warming and encouraging sustainable business is one of A1 main goals. To contribute to our common international ESG Strategy, we set ourselves the goal of reaching net carbon neutrality by 2030 by switching to energy from renewable sources.

»Sustainability is treating ourselves and our environment as if we are to live on this earth forever«

Arron Wood

At A1 in Croatia, we continuously pursue our goals and applied for an EU funding instrument called LIFE programme. Its objective is to implement, update and develop EU environment and climate policies and legislation by co-financing projects with European benefit.




Our »LIFE 4 Green Broadband« project included a team of eight experts:
Miroslav Đurić, Iva Turčin, Nevenka Crneka-Čudina as Project Coordinator LIFE programme, Goran Matoš, Maja Dumbović and Martina Dragičević with Tomislav Mesarić as Project Manager. Jelena Stipanov is not on the picture but she is also part of the team.

Nevenka (Project Coordinator LIFE Programme) explains: »Our project LIFE 4 Green Broadband is focused on energy saving and reduction of CO2 emission in our network with the implementation of free cooling solutions and using renewable sources, i.e. solar energy. This will reduce the energy consumption by 1.7 million kWh per year and reduce CO2 emissions by over 400 tons annually.« The total value of the investment is around EUR 2.2 million, of which the EU finances 55%, i.e. € 1.2 million, and we have the consent of the Environmental Protection and Energy Efficiency Fund on the potential co-financing of the project for additional 200,000 Euro. This project perfectly fits into the green policy of our company.

»On the one hand, we have entered our supplier’s green energy programme that ensures the production of our year-round amount of energy exclusively from renewable sources, and on the other hand, with the LIFE project, we have started using such sources on our mobile stations« – explained Tomislav, project manager for LIFE programme.

Nevenka: The whole project was very exciting. A great topic and an even better team (Tomislav, Goran, Miro, Iva, Maja, Martina and Jelena). It´s interesting to mention that we were competing for funds against many projects across the EU, and there was an approximately 5% chance of receiving these funds . However, knowledge and experience paired with enthusiasm and optimism are a winning combination.

Tomislav: The best feeling certainly was when the EU notified us that our project was successful; we overcame the worst and the hardest with a great team and atmosphere. When you do something for the first time, you do not have a very clear picture of how good or bad it is. The looks on the faces of the team when we first opened the application platform… priceless.

»It is estimated that digital technologies could reduce global carbon emissions by up to 15%.«


Iva: Although the telecom industry is not a big polluter, we are a big consumer of electricity and that is why we are thinking about all ways how we can reduce our carbon footprint. By using electricity from ZelEn, we have ensured that all the electricity that we use is obtained exclusively from renewable sources. A few months ago, A1 Croatia presented a new website on sustainable business in order to bring this topic closer to our customers and to introduce a number of initiatives that we are working on and in which they can get involved and help create a greener and more sustainable society. For example, each of us has at least one old cell phone that we don’t use in a drawer. Feel free to bring it to any A1 shop and you can be sure that we will take care of it adequately. With proper disposal, 70-80% of the components of old devices can be recycled and reused as raw materials. In this way, valuable materials such as gold, silver, palladium or copper are returned to the economy, which is the goal of the circular economy. In addition to the success which we have achieved by receiving co-financing from the LIFE programme for green activities in our network, the integrated internal and external communication „A1 Act green“ was awarded the world’s most prestigious communication award The IPRA Golden World Awards in the category Environment!

We’re joking already that we need new shelves for awards, but we’re even happier to be recognized as a telecom company that is very focused in environmental and biodiversity policies and we really believe in