COVID 19 influences all our working lives. There are some members of the A1 Macedonia Team that work from home, but there are also those that go to work and out in the field every day. However, we have one thing in common: we are all highly dedicated to the work we do, now when our customers need us most and our network is working with high capacity.

Although from different working places, we all work with high professionalism, enthusiasm and devotion. Our energy motivates us to stay positive and with good thought, and proves that no challenge is too big.

Meet only a few of our colleagues from A1 Macedonia Contact center, technical department and A1 shops.

Nikola Trajkovikj, Technical support in Contact center

What are the responses of our customers now that even call center agents work from home?
In fact, most of the time the customers do not realize that we work from home, so that gives us thumbs up that we are doing the right thing as a company and do not let our customers down during the pandemic.

Did you come across any stories that really touched you?
There are a lot of people who are living alone, especially the elderly people who neither have technical knowledge, nor someone to help them. Thus, when talking to them I always tend to help them solve the problem, as much as it can via a phone call. We always try to help quickly, as efficient and as reliable as possible.

How much has your job changed compared to the period before Corona?
We live in a time where the technology is so advanced that I can do all of my work duties from home in a very similar, or even the same way that I did while I was in the office. There are advantages and disadvantages, of course, but we, as the first in line of the company, need to consider and take all the sources available and make it work in the best way possible to help our customers. I am very satisfied with the work that I am doing right now, although I miss the working atmosphere with my colleagues at the contact center.

Rosana Milenkovska, Agent in Contact center

How much is communication with customers different now?
Regarding the communication with the customers, we believe it stayed the same, we still have access to every tool we need just like we did from the office and we are able to perform for them with the same quality. It’s also much easier to put in a little extra effort, go an extra mile for the customers when you are working in you PJs. ☺

What is the first thing you will do after the state of emergency?
I miss having little coffee brakes with my teammates. We already spoke about having a little get-together when this is over. Regarding the private life, I believe everyone can’t wait for the summer vacations. Either way it is an excellent experience, we showed that we do work as one team.

Nena Sazdovska – Shop manager GTC Skopje

How is the atmosphere at work these days?
It was very challenging at the beginning, both for us and for our customers, but we quickly got used to the situation and nowadays we feel good.

How much has your job changed comparing to the period before the state of emergency?
Not much has changed, except we work while wearing mask and gloves and keep distance. We do our best to get the job done professionally and at a high level.

What is the first thing you will do after the state of emergency?
It’s going to take some time for things to go back to normal. I will continue to wear a mask and gloves to protect myself. But the first thing I will do is take my child outside to have fun and enjoy the sun.

Kiril Stojanovski – Field Technician

What is the situation in the field? How are customers responding to the arrival of technicians?
Because of the new situation with the virus, we are working according to the recommendations and trying to be practical. Working at base stations is certainly simpler than direct contact with customers, because it is outdoors and we try to protect each other by having less contact. So far we manage to deal with all the challenges and I sincerely hope that we will be able to stay successful and healthy.

Aleksandar Stojanov – Fixed Access Technician

What has changed for you in the past weeks and where are the challenges?
Many things changed during the past two weeks, most notable the working hours and the challenge to stay safe out there while providing the best customer service.

How do you deal with the Corona protection measures and are you worried that you might get infected?
Of course, we are aware of the danger so that’s why we always use protective measures and follow relevant instructions.


Simo Mishevski – Fixed Access Technician

What has changed in the way of working?
The contact with the customers is minimal nowadays. We leave devices in front of their doorstep and wait for them to pick it up.

What are you particularly proud of?
I am proud of all my colleagues who risk their and their family’s health while doing their job in this difficult period.

»We are really proud of all our A1 Heroes!«

In those challenging times, the A1 Macedonia Team proves that it is brave, positive, supportive and professional above all. We show that we are a good team and that we care for each.