More than 170,000 participants in more than 2,000 workshops in seven countries – these are the main numbers of the group-wide initiative “A1 Internet for All”. Thanks to all employees, that volunteered to help closing the digital gap by sharing the knowledge and skills required to create equal opportunities for people to leverage the potential of digitalization. Do you want to learn more about it? Just read on!

As early as 2011, the Group founded the ‘A1 Internet for All’ media literacy initiative in Austria und rolled out comparable projects and initiatives in all countries, where the A1 Group is active. The project set-up may differ from country to country, depending on the people’s needs. Many classes are offered in the rural areas, as the access to digital knowledge is often more difficult there. Community centers, nursery homes and schools are the main locations to get in touch with the people. Some countries focus on kids or young people, others on seniors and some serve both. Still, all of the projects require the support of our colleagues, are free of charge and contribute to our strategy “Empowering Digital Life”.

Join a journey through A1 Group and see what the main projects are about: