During the last weeks, Corona is setting larger parts of the world into a state of emergency. Also A1 as a supplier for critical infrastructure has faced and still is facing a lot of challenges. Nothing too big for the A1 Team, sticking together almost like never before. Our A1 Group Management Board Thomas Arnoldner (Group CEO), Alejandro Plater (Group COO) and Siegfried Mayrhofer (Group CFO) share their personal view on the situation with us.

Our internal Corona Crisis Team has been preparing for different scenarios for a number of weeks already also cross borders with peers. Last week, because of the rapidly worsening COVID-19 virus situation in Europe, many different measures were put into place and many new measures dependent on the situation are following in a high pace.

The Corona Virus is disrupting our more or less stable lives. We’ve been thrown out of our daily routines, socializing which is an important part of human nature all of a sudden is not possible – we have to avoid contact to our parents and for the sake of their grandparent’s health, grandchildren can be in touch with them only via phone or video connection.

Our A1 Family is bringing normality in abnormal circumstances and we have to stress how proud we are of you and that the A1 Team gives us enormous energy and strength!


Home office …

… was made possible very quickly, strongly supported by our Leadership Teams. Mobile or flexible working is already integrated in our daily jobs, but now it got accelerated to a whole new dimension and it works! Our A1 Team is making it happen and by using e.g. Skype Calls, Workplace Chat Video Calls, SharePoint you are getting your tasks done and trying to bring normality and stability in a world which momentarily seems to be upside down.

Like many of you, we’re of course thinking of our own family and how we can keep up the spirit of our children. They’re not used being cooked up in and around the house for a long time, it’s a challenge to balance the kids and working from home. It seems to be the perfect time to practice patience, serenity and humor ;-)

Proud of our infrastructure and services …

… and the contribution we are delivering in all countries in this difficult time by delivering instant solutions to our residential and business customers providing them with reliable communication solutions on stable infrastructure, but also free of charge entertainment services which is especially important for those who are in isolation or in hospital.


Tremendous thanks …

… to all of you who are doing everything human possible to keep up our network and IT-infrastructure upright whilst calls and broadband consumption are exploding. This of course also goes for many colleagues who are in the front line taking care of our customers on the hotlines and in the field. #Respect

Our priorities …

… protecting you, our A1 Team, your family members as best as possible from the Corona Virus, to keep up our infrastructure for all stakeholder groups that rely on our networks and services also in emergency cases and to ensure the continuity of our business. Emergency Services, the police, but also school children and students as they learn digitally at home whilst kindergartens, schools and universities are closed, enabling calls and video telephony between grandparents and their children or grandchildren so that they don’t get isolated – so many people depend on our networks and on us, the A1 Team.


Now more than ever, we are showing that the A1 Team cares and that we’re a reliable partner also in crisis times. 

»We can’t predict what’s yet to come, but together we can master any challenge!«

Stay healthy and take care!
#A1TeamPower #UnitedAgainstCorona #MakeItHappen