The pandemic has shown us that the public health system needs support, the education system needs to be transformed, environmental issues are more present than ever before and the need for technological solutions to improve everyday life is growing. Follow us to Serbia and learn about a program, that A1 Serbia has launched to make dreams come true.

»The aim of this program is, primarily, to listen to the needs of the local community, to include individuals and respond to their needs.«

Ana Boros Todic

Ana Boros Todic
Corporate Communication Expert

Within “The world you dream of” program, two phases were realized. Within the first phase of the program we awarded three projects at national level in the fields of education, public health and ecology.

Phase 1 – The voting

Thanks to the voting of the wider community, the first phase ended with the allocation of funds for three projects in the total amount of 10 million dinars (~8500 Euro).

The winning project in the category Ecology was Better air for the citizens, the project of the Internet Society of Serbia. It`s about improving and securing the distribution of low-cost air quality measuring devices to create a wider database of open data about air quality in Serbia.

The goal of the project “Be data driven” is to provide free education by using an open platform for interactive computing designated to high school children and students.

All of the awarded projects will be implemented by the end of 2021.

»As gender equality is very important to us, the support to new mothers through the Public Health projects “Mom, how are you?”

and the early development of the child is also something to be proud of.« – Una Stanimirović

Una Stanimirović
Sustainability Expert

Phase 2 – Solving the problems

The second phase of the program aimed to promote and support ideas and projects that improve working with children and helping their development in the fields of public health, education and ecology.

The total funds of nine million dinars (~7600 Euro) for the implementation of these projects were allocated so that A1 donated the amount of one monthly subscription for each contracted Prva tarifa during the promo period.

»We believe that raising awareness about the environmental issues, such as climate change, pollution and circular economy is the first step in setting the favorable conditions for further activities.«

Una Stanimirović

In the category Ecology, the Let’s plant life together project of Garden Almighty is an additional teaching program (innovative outdoor classes) for primary school children who help children with cancer by growing food.

The winner in the category Public Health was the project Early development of the child by the Association Logo. It includes the development of an application that contains educational video material for children aged up to three and a half years.

»It was very important for us to consider carefully, the potential of the contribution that each of these initiatives can make.«

Ana Boros Todic

In the category Education, the project Playful won. 100 kindergartens in Serbia will receive ecological toys.

These awarded projects will be implemented by June 2022.

#EmpoweringASustainableFuture #MakeItHappen

»What we regard as the greatest value is the fact that, through this program,

we have brought our company, the professional community, the media, the organizations, and the wider community together, on a joint mission, to build the world that we want.«

Ana Boros Todic