The story of mobile communications is a genuine revolution considering the importance mobile devices have in our lives today. Although the kick-off or the push of the 5G button was from a technological point of view only an evolution, we will soon be faced with services and products which were previously thought to be impossible – thanks to increased bandwidth and shorter latency.

Our A1 colleagues Alexander Wachlowski and Georg Löffelmann were part of the assembly of the first 5G sender in Vienna. Read on to find out about their insights and 5Great facts from Austria and the A1 Group.

5G Launch in Austria

Internet of Things, connecting machines, people and infrastructure – whether we see this development in a critical light or welcome it curiously with open arms, it is on its way. This smart technology enables us to develop innovative products and services with added value and to implement them successfully. The A1 Team is committed to the 5th generation and 200 of our colleagues came forward to sponsor (with their face) a 5G sender of their choice in Austria to show their enthusiasm for innovation. #A1Team #MakeItHappen

5G at A1 Group

5G is hot, not only at A1 Austria. Most countries of the A1 Group are already testing the new technology.