“Standing still is a step backwards”, as the saying goes, and so two of our ESG champions` projects are focusing on movement. The winning teams of the A1 internal Empowering Ideas competition, which we present in this A1 Story, want to bring momentum to the STEM sector and make technical professions more appealing to girls. The other one focuses on the movement in our A1 Shops, which is to be transformed directly into energy- unnoticed, but effective. Is that possible?

Looking back: In January 2022, the A1 Team was invited to submit projects in a sustainable ideas competition that contribute for a better tomorrow. After various pitches and boot camps, six teams finally qualified as ESG Champions 2022. We already featured four of them in two previous A1 Stories and today the outstanding teams and their projects follow.

STEMfemme junior


The Croatian female power team consisting of Anita, Darija, Andreja and Iva use role models to present technical professions in general and at A1 in particular, thus arousing the interest of a young female target group. As one of the first testimonials, Antonia Kujundzic Velimorovic, Network and IT Operations Director at A1 Croatia talks about her experiences and role models that fostered her passion for STEM subjects.

The STEMfemme junior project is a perfect fit to our diversity goal of encouraging girls to pursue technical careers.

Jury assessment

Empowering e-Motion

Anastasia, Alesya, Dzimtry and Tatiana from A1 Belarus also want to get society moving, actually more precisely the customers in our A1 Shops. The core of their idea is the power of kinetics, which they vividly demonstrated during their presentation. Every step on the kinetic tiles produces electricity in our A1 Shops. The internal audience vote chose them additionally as fan favorite. We are looking forward to the next steps at the test stations in A1 Shops in Serbia and Slovenia.

The motivating and playful approach to integrate energy efficiency into everyday life and to show that every little contribution counts is a good example of our lived ESG goals.

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Stay tuned to see what happens next with our ESG Champions 2022. A1 Stories will report on their progress anyway! #MakeItHappen #EmpoweringASustainableFuture