At A1 we try to encourage a healthy lifestyle and thus promoting sports activities and initiatives is an important factor for us. It is part of our corporate culture. If our guiding principles Team, Trust and Agility are our heart, team sports is the muscle that keeps it… well, running :-)

Being part of a team does not end, once you leave the building. In the true spirit of #agility #trust and most of all #team, meet some of our sportive colleagues & get inspired:

*) Don’t forget to check out the Wings For Life video below from our Croatian colleagues. #woohoo

Run, Forrest, run!

Unsurprisingly running seems to be an all time favourite at A1, because it’s healthy, affordable and can be practiced pretty much everywhere and anytime.

At Vip Macedonia our colleagues participate every year in the in the largest and most popular sport event, the Skopje Marathon. Btw, you might remember one of our colleagues who run the 42 km – Blaze Conevski.

Also for our Croatian colleagues running is the most popular sport. “Run with Vip” supports 12 major running races all over Croatia. For each race they invite employees to participate. Also, they have a “Vip running school” that offers trainings for employees.

In Belarus each year more than 1000 velcom employees take part in sports activities such as in-house five-a-side football competitions or city marathons etc. On a daily basis you’ll find more than 50 colleagues attending corporate gymnastics classes.

Also, did you know that Mtel has a dedicated Work-Life Balance Program for all employees and event their families? That sounds like fun!

Wings For Life – a special shout out

One of the most famous and largest charity races, Wings For Life World Run, was held in Zadar in May and other locations around the world.

In Zadar 50 members of our Vip running team were able to run a total of 418.5 km. Their coach, triathlete Željka Šaban Miličić, won the women’s competition by running 44 km! Željka dedicated her performance to our colleague Zlatko Sedlar who couldn’t compete on the Wings because of the broken collarbone.

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Less talk the talk, more walk the walk

Exercise can clear your mind and make it easier to focus. If you are unsure what sports would be right for you, maybe we can help. Take the quiz and find out :-) #WeDareYou


4 points: First pick a team, then pick a foot-, basket-, volley- or any other kind of ball.
3 points: Speedy Gonzales, go give running a chance!
1–2 points: Ommmmmmm, yoga or watersports is your thing.
0 points: Professional couch potato, but hey, you can still cheer for your colleagues ;-)


We all need some motivation from time to time. Check out these quotes!

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