Access to the internet allows us entry to a world of possibilities: online shopping, talking to friends, learning new things. A1 safeguards all of these options by providing comprehensive broadband internet. And alongside we make sure that both the young and older generations learn how to utilize it correctly and efficiently.

The great Spiderman once said: “With great power comes great responsibility” ;-) Therefore taking responsibility is a priority for us at A1. We are a big corporation and we acknowledge our duty to provide comprehensive internet for everyone but also to make digital media easier to understand and use.

At A1, the initiative “Internet for All” was started in 2011. Its aim: the safe and competent use of digital media, in particular for individuals without ready access to the web. And because it worked so well in Austria, we are now widening this initiative to include all A1 countries. #synergyuse

To reach its target groups the most efficient way, Austria has its own “Internet for All” campus on three sites and features monthly tours. In Macedonia, the “Vip Caravan” will travel the country offering knowledge and teaching senior citizens the particulars of the world wide web. National and international partnerships also support our goal: Mtel in Bulgaria for example, in cooperation with local organizations, offers courses and seminars at events, trade fairs and festivals. Vip mobile in Serbia has joined the popular „Battle for Knowledge“ project, teaching school-age children and teenagers the basics of programming, electronics and robotics. Vipnet in Croatia features their own pre-installed mobile phone app for children and their parents in line with the EU’s “Safer Internet Programme”. Our Slovenian colleagues have its own stand with SOS phone booth at a senior exhibition, where they share their extensive knowledge during personal chats.

The latest project velcom smart kids in Belarus sees velcom employees familiarize kids with the safe use of smartphones, as well as explain the basics of telecommunications and how to use apps correctly. And because kids can often explain the world to us better than the other way round, we will now hand the mike over to the first batch of smart kids: