There are many ways to recharge your batteries, the sun not only ensures physical well-being, it is also used as an energy supplier for electricity-powered solutions. A major challenge of our century will be to use this existing source as efficiently as possible. See how this goes at A1 Austria!

Wolfgang Rosenberger, Head of Infrastructure & Future Mobility at A1 Austria, has been looking for business opportunities for 2 years, making them usable for A1 and thus enriching our customers’ lives with technological solutions. A1 is more than telephone and internet. We want to digitize our customers’ lives in every area. In an interview, Wolfgang tells us about sustainable innovations in mobility and energy issues and the power that drives him.

Wolfgang Rosenberger

You are Head of Infrastructure & Future Mobility at A1 Austria. What are your tasks?
My tasks are to show innovation leadership on the market and to establish mobility products under the term “Smart Mobility” and energy products under the term “Smart Energy”.

What does the “Smart” actually mean in Smart Mobility and Smart Energy?
To me, smart indicates intelligent and digitized solutions.

Where do you see sustainable traces at A1 Austria?
There are a lot of them. The following products were created in 2019: A1 Charge App, A1 Wallbox / Charger, A1 Storage. We will be sparkling with energy again in 2020: Since the beginning of June we sell SolMate in all A1 Shops. SolMate is the most modern photovoltaic and storage system on the market. It can be installed by every customer and thus produce their own electricity.



What inspires you about smart mobility and smart energy?
The automotive and energy industries are facing one of the greatest changes in recent decades. Changes are opportunities and we as Telco have to recognize and use them correctly. My drive lies in the enthusiasm for innovative, sustainable solutions.

If you had a superpower, what would it be?
Transporting solar energy globally as easily as data packets on the Internet.

What do these topics mean for our customers today? And in the future?
Our 5Giganetz, server infrastructure and much more are a good basis for many of the following future scenarios:

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Why do A1 and Smart Energy / Mobility go together?
We are “empowering digital life” – and this also includes mobility and energy.

»We have to be able to reach all areas of our customers’ lives.«

What are the highs and lows of your work?
When my ideas inspire and I sweep my colleagues away, that’s naturally a motivation boost. The lows depend on what you make of it and what space these moments occupy.

Why do you like to come to the office?
I enjoy the flexibility to organize my working day myself. And also the opportunities in the company to pursue the topics for which I am personally passionate, such as Smart mobility? :-)

Together for a sustainable future!