Can you keep a secret? We can’t. That’s why we want to share a very special evening with you: The “Secret Garden” was the first A1 Bulgaria party for employees after the rebrand, so a lot of excitement and good vibes were in the air. Since we also wanted to get the #OneCompany feeling, we invited colleagues from the other OpCos to take a quiz about Bulgaria and get a chance to be a part of the party. Not everyone made it, but here they are: Nikola, Branko, Katarina and Jure. Follow their secret impressions!

The weather in June is usually unstable, but this year it was more than generous and after two weeks of rain and storms, the sun broke up the clouds and gifted us with a lovely Saturday evening. In the welcoming green arms of Sofia’s Botanical Garden, more than 1,200 colleagues from A1 Bulgaria came together and shared a drone and VR experience, took pictures, cooked, tried cocktails, played football, checked the archery, danced along with our pop stars and made unforgettable memories. Among them our quiz-winners Nikola, Branko, Katarina and Jure.

Here are the impressions of our guests first hand:

Nikola Jevtić, Social Media Expert in Vip mobile, Serbia

It was my first trip to Bulgaria and what really fascinated me during our tour around Sofia was, how well the remains of the old town Serdika were preserved. Our great hosts from A1 Bulgaria (thanks Irena, Drago, Metodi, Mihail and Ivaylo) guided us around, ending up at the special Secret Garden A1 Party. We all had a lot of fun straight from the beginning. We got a little dizzy in the drone zone and after the great VR experience, a couple of drinks and excellent catering with ice cream, we hit the dancefloor. The thing that I was also looking forward to was a ride with the hot air balloon, but unfortunately the wind postponed this experience to hopefully another A1 party :)

»We nurture similar values of a true diverse culture.«

Jure Jurečič, Associate at the Quality Assurance Department in A1 Slovenia

When I saw the quiz, I saw an opportunity to visit Sofia again and said to myself: why not. As I already did some sightseeing in Sofia on my first trip ten years ago, I was familiar with city, but it stroke me how much it changed – in a good way. The party was really great with a bit of everything for everyone, plus I’m always a fan of good food. :-) To all the colleagues at A1 Group: Don’t miss the chance to visit Sofia, I am already looking forward to my next time here. Thanks again for having me! :-)

»I was impressed by the hospitality I met, which really made me feel being part of one big company.«

Branko Kralik, Sales Development Expert, VIPnet Croatia

As I like quizzes and winning opportunities, I took part in the quiz J This was my first time in Sofia, so I prepared myself with basic level information. What impressed me most were the parks and St. Sofia Basilica’s interior. Nightclubs and bars on the other hand, are not to be neglected either :-) The A1 Secret Garden Party was great! Perfect! I especially liked the music and sport activities. Congratulations to the organizers and to everyone at A1 Group – you should know: Bulgarian colleagues rock! :-)

»If I need to give the party a grade, it would be: A1!«

Katarina Krstevska, Business Intelligence Specialist at Vip Macedonia

I liked the prize, so why not spend a few minutes with the quiz and take my chances? Even though I’ve been to Sofia few times before, it’s always nice to be back. However, this time I really learned a lot about the city thanks to Drago, our colleague from A1 Bulgaria, who was kind enough to be our tour guide and share some of Sofia’s history. The next day it was time for the party and that was awesome! I really liked the garden, all the activities and the positive vibes from our colleagues. Everyone was super nice and welcoming. Please invite me to your parties again! :-)

»I felt part of the big A1 family.«