Social responsibility is incorporated in the roots of business operations across all A1 countries. Our ESG goals reflect our responsibility in the areas: Environmental, Social and Governance. Let´s put the ‘E’ in the spotlight of this A1 Story. The A1 Group has set itself the Environmental goal to promote circular economy by 2030 to recycle 50,000 old devices per year.

Let´s take a look at A1 in Slovenia and what we are already doing to contribute to the achievement of our Environmental objective.

For a number of years A1 Slovenia´s internal Eco Team and the ESG group have been implementing ideas and initiatives on how to make our processes and workplaces greener, thereby also reducing our environmental impact. We strive to achieve this by reducing our carbon footprint, reducing fuel consumption and emissions by using hybrid vehicles, increasing energy efficiency in our fixed and mobile networks by utilizing more energy efficient equipment and devices, through our green work environment, by supporting paperless operations, drinking tap water and recycling. In addition, a special space on the roof for bees in our headquarters in Ljubljana was created. The bees soon became become a part of our A1 family . They play a major role in our ecosystem, and we have undertaken to continue looking for opportunities to further develop our relationship with them. We strive to leave small, but significant footprints.

We are aware that there are many opportunities for improvement, and our ESG goals have further expanded our endeavors in reducing environmental impact. Our core business is connectivity. Mobile phones have become an indispensable object that makes communication easier for everybody. More than 700,000 of our customers use at least one mobile phone. What happens when they stop using it?

Did you know that 80% of a phone can be recycled? And yet, globally only 10% are actually recycled. And keep in mind that just one (1) incorrectly recycled phone can contaminate 132,000 liters of water?

Circular economy is a field where each and every one of us can leave traces of their responsibility. This year we have further expanded our venture of collecting disused phones at points of sale and among employees. We are raising awareness among employees, users and the public about the importance of disposing disused phones correctly. Our colleague Denis Obrovnik, who has brought in 22 phones just in the past month, said:

Denis Obrovnik

»I am aware that we only have this one planet.

It is the right thing to make sure that we leave it for our children and future generations just as we would like to have found it. The least I can do is to be responsible, and also to invite my parents, friends and acquaintances to act responsibly.«

Raising awareness about the importance of reducing pollution with devices is essential in these times of rapid industrial development; however, it is not nearly enough. That is why A1 Slovenia decided to take a step further. Three refurbished mobile phone models were added into our range, phones that did not end up in the trash, but were given a new lease on life. By purchasing a refurbished phone, customers contribute towards decreasing CO2 emissions into the environment. Our colleague Maja Kravanja is enthusiastic about the idea, and believes that …

Maja Kravanja

»Refurbished phones are a step towards those customers who already have a responsible and sustainable mindset.

I am aware that we are growing more aware about the importance of extending our devices’ lives, thereby reducing our environmental footprint, and helping sustain our planet.«

Zlatka Poličar

»Together with our colleagues, we have set some very ambitious goals, undertaking to act ethically both at work and at home.

We are aware that there is no magic wand that could resolve climate change in a single stroke, but we will continue informing the society on responsible waste disposal at every step, looking for inspiration for numerous activities and initiatives that will help us sustain this planet that we are all proud of.«