As our digital journey continues and we, as one company grow more and more together, in 2017 the decision was taken to gradually roll out our successful A1 brand in all of our countries. Last year Bulgaria and Croatia joined our A1 brand family and before that Slovenia, A1 Digital and the Group (in Austria) became A1. Since yesterday, we officially know who is next: It’s Vip Macedonia! Meet Tamara and Jana for an interview and find out their views when talking about sensitive and serious sides of the secret rebranding project preparations.

Before actually announcing a rebranding, there´s a lot of secret work to be done. The bases for a rebranding are our common A1 brand strategy and a very detailed analysis of the local company as well as the market situation. Read on and find out what a rebranding project takes!

Tamara Kautsch (Group Rebranding Project Manager) and Jana Durneva (Rebranding Manager for Vip Macedonia) had one common goal and to #MakeItHappen, namely to prepare the rebranding announcement in a professional, smooth and caring way. In this interview, they talk about their cooperation on this special project and how it feels to start a new chapter in our A1 history:

Tamara Kautsch
Group Rebranding Project Manager

How does it feel to work on the preparations of a rebranding announcement?

Tamara: Having the privilege to lead such unique project for 3 years now, it feels each time like a new wave of energy. Every single brand rollout so far had its own challenges and various situations we faced along the way. I like the quote “We don’t get a second chance to leave the first impression” and believe that the rollout of our A1 brand made quite an impression in the Slovenian, Bulgarian and Croatian markets. I am also sure that Macedonia will have its unique way to give special flavor to it.

One thing about these similar projects is constantly different and that’s the people we are working with!

Jana Durneva
Rebranding Manager for Vip Macedonia

Jana: Rebranding of the company doesn’t feel like a project, it is more like a journey. This project is only laying the foundation upon which we build our future under the A1 brand. I’m personally very thankful for the trust put in me to lead this project and I know that I can count on the expertise of the local team and Group rebranding team as well as the support from our Leadership Team.

We will start to live and develop the new A1 brand on the Macedonian market thus delivering the values to our customers and internally to our team.

What is your personal connection to the old brand? Is it difficult to say good-bye?

Jana: Almost four years ago, we merged three companies with different corporate cultures, with own brands and specifics. Now, the rebranding provides a unique possibility to build the future of the company under the A1 brand to which every team member can relate. Being a project manager of such a strategically important topic, I focus on successful project delivery. For that reason, we designed a special change management and an ambassador program that explains the A1 brand strategy. I’m convinced that we’ll be able to overcome any sentimental aspects ahead of us and together create something new.

Transparency and on-boarding of each and every colleague within the entire company is the key.

We support with all our learnings and expertise.

How is the teamwork within the Macedonian team and with the Group rebranding team? #team

Tamara: What I particularly like about Macedonia and our colleagues there, is their amazing hospitality, the feeling of being “at home”, direct and open talks and very specific energy of the team that will give all their power to achieve even the impossible. We work super close and on a daily basis. We support with all our learnings and expertise, exchange ideas, convince each other and make sure to have lots of fun!

I believe at the end of the project we’ll feel more like a family than colleagues.

Jana: During the past months we built the trust and we function as one team. With the announcement of the rebranding, I hope that the enthusiasm and motivation of the project team will be infectious and spread throughout the company. The local project team consists of exceptional professionals with a lot of experience and they understand the complexity of the project. The guidance of the Group rebranding team and their sharing of lessons learned from other markets are more than helpful.

What are the personal expectations of the A1 Brand?

Tamara: I am so much looking forward seeing our complete footprint shining under the A1 brand extending its power beyond country borders. Once we finalize our rebranding projects, for each of the about 19,000 international people, working in A1 should be a very special dimension. #A1noborders

Our goal: to make A1 an international brand that currently proudly serves 25 million customers in our footprint.

Jana: Being part of the digital transformation team in the company, together with my colleagues we are excited to deliver digital solutions that digitalize customer experience as well as to digitalize internal processes and thus contribute to our Group vision “Empowering digital life”.

What are the positive aspects of the rebranding (announcement)?

Tamara: One thing is for sure, the final A1 team and the new A1 chapter starts its new life at the night of the rebranding, when the TV commercial airs on, when systems are switched on and when the fingers are kept crossed! #priceless

Jana: We are now joining the A1 family and part of ONE company with a strong brand, well established and known in the CEE region. That is opening the vast potential for local markets i.e. as Mr. Jack Ma says: “Global vision, local win”.

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