Even though Christmas dates back 2 months, there is a good reason to turn back time and to take you on a touching journey. Get inspired by our Croatian colleagues, who did not hesitate to give two helping hands when most needed.

Christmas is supposed to be a time full of joy and happiness; however, this was not the case in Croatia last year. After Zagreb’s devastating earthquake on April 6th 2020, also the cities Petrinja, Sisak and Glina were shaken on December 29th, followed by major damages. The center of Petrinja was absolutely destroyed and lots of buildings were totally damaged, as well as our A1 shop in Sisak. Most of the people lost their homes and had to sleep outside under improvised tents waiting for the ground to stop shaking. This situation left nobody indifferent. Croatia united again and tried to help people in every way they could. That was the moment when A1 Croatia again discovered their real heroes: Marijan Osrečki, Marko Hranilović, Ivan Pusić, Nikola Polić, Tomislav Šebalj, Tomislav Sršen and the most experienced one Nenad Capar. Their managers allowed them to leave their regular duties and to go to Petrinja and Sisak to help the citizens in moving dangerous construction materials and to support people in need.

Nenad Capar

»Being member of the HGSS (Croatian Mountain Rescue Service) for eight years now, I have already participated in rescue operations in major natural disasters such as floods. They were been made homeless again and continue living under these circumstances. I believe that we can all contribute in our own way and make the current situation easier,«

Nenad said right after he came back from Sisak and Petrinja.

Marko Hranilović

Also Marko shared his story with us:

»The day after the earthquake, my brother, my friend and I went to the damaged areas. The two of them are trained to work on height in construction, and I have a mountaineering course and experience working on antenna systems. We performed the tasks in agreement with local firefighters at the facilities they designated. I mention this because I saw many young people in the field who wanted to help, but without enough knowledge and adequate equipment. Their help is always welcome and positive, but in safe environments, such as the distribution of aid, food and the like and thus as far away from dilapidated buildings and roofs as possible. A football fan group arrived on the destroyed area with idea to help with roof repairing but the local and very experienced firefighters organization gave them various of non-dangerous jobs, and they were very helpful as well.«
When we imagine heroes we think of superman, batman, marvel’s heroes, but mostly we forget the ones who are actually helping without any hesitation in any situation of need. Of course, we cannot forget our whole A1 Team who was collecting supplies, driving and sharing everything they had to the people in areas affected by the earthquake. So thank you Marijan, Ivan, Nikola, Tomislav Šebalj, Tomislav Sršen, Nenad and all heroes who were volunteering, spreading hope and trying to make people smile again. Furthermore, A1 Croatia donated 2 million kuna (about EUR 265,000) for the Government’s Fond for damaged areas.

Smirilica – the calming melody

For a smiling end: A1 Croatia also started a crowdfunding campaign for the »Solidarna Foundation« with the aim to collect money to rebuilding the High School in Petrinja. Everyone can involve by donating through our »Do the right thing« fundraising platform. Each donator gets the ringtone Smirilica as a gift. In times when even the slightest vibration disturbs us, we noticed that mobile phone vibration made the situation worse. Therefore, we in Croatia offer a unique melody called »Smirilica« (a calming melody).

Listen to it here:


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