Tulln, we are coming! Friday, September 13th: 26 degrees, sunshine, a highly motivated A1 Team. Best premises for a great A1 team event and a challenge with new rules. However, not missing the well known: international team spirit. A1 Austria teams and international teams from our A1 countries competed ambitiously and with fun – to conquer every challenge. Read on and test your knowledge in our quiz!

»The questions won’t go out of my head.«

It is not new information, that diverse teams perform better, when looking on individual strengths. This was proved once again during the A1 Team Challenge. After the A1 Team Triathlon, which focused mainly on sports, this year’s event also included other talents and skills. This time, runners and brainies were equally challenged. After the kick-off of the track racing, every team grabbed a booklet including 150 questions and 10 mini-games. The strategists of each team planned the best order of all tasks, which the A1 Team had to complete in 5 disciplines: skilfulness, local knowledge, A1 know-how, general education & speed questions. For more than two hours, the A1 teams put their heads together, discussed actively and looked for answers under every stone. Team spirit at its best: we also spoted some teams who helped each other “secretly”, to manage the challenge together. A special highlight: Tickets for the nightrace in Schladming in January 2020 that were drawn under all participating teams.

»We want max.. max… maximum fun!«

Thanks to the A1 Team, that made this challenge a special day. #MakeItHappen. Here you’ll find the most touching impressions:

5 Points: Excellent – you are a real brain-y!
4-3 Points: Great – you have Google well under control!
2-1 Point/s: Exerted – Get familiar with a search engine!
0 points: Hopefully you are a good runner :-)

»Best running route ever.«