Following the principles of our ESG strategy, in A1 Bulgaria we have a strong focus on the environment and society, but also on the corporate governance and especially the people in our company. We all know that a good work -life balance is extremely delicate and can become a great challenge, especially when we add our children and family to the whole mix. At A1 Bulgaria we are addressing this struggle by offering our colleagues not only favorable working conditions, but also quality care for their loved ones. That is why only a few meters away from the office in our headquarters you will find Funky Monkey, A1’s kindergarten.

Gabriela Ilieva

It was established back in 2009, but the company has not stopped working on the project and is constantly improving it. Funky Monkey offers cozy and spacious rooms for studying, playing, eating, and sleeping. The children have a large playground equipped with age-appropriate play areas. Recently we have expanded the complex by 1000 sq.m. and because of that 82 children are attending the kindergarten this autumn.

Gabriela Ilieva, Senior Health & Safety Expert, who has been working on the project from the very start, shares more about its benefits.

»Not every company can offer such social benefits, but we strive to ensure the comfort and work-life balance of our colleagues.«

Iliana Kostadinova

»Our whole wellbeing program is focused on our colleagues, but the kindergarten is a very special and dear project, because it makes them feel much more comfortable at work knowing their kids are in good hands and close by.

We recently expanded the complex and offered a summer reception for the children whose parents work during the summer vacation. Over the years, we have organized numerous of summer camps and activities even for older children. All this makes our colleagues feel calmer, happier and more confident that they work in a company that supports them and their families.«

And what are the impressions of the parents? Iliana Kostadinova, Process Management Expert knows the kindergarten very well – this autumn both of her children are attending it.

»I chose Funky Monkey mostly because of the good reviews of colleagues whose children visit the kindergarten.«

There are exceptional professionals working there, who welcomed my first child extremely well and this enabled me to return to work peacefully after maternity leave. Their approach is individual to each child according to their needs and character. The teachers use a wide variety of methods, games and activities that aim at developing our children’s skills and encourage their expression and self-confidence. That is why I do not worry about my younger child attending Funky Monkey as well. Both of my children will receive the best possible care and attitude.«

We are very happy that the parents in A1 think so fondly of our kindergarten.

It is a part of numerous activities and benefits for our colleagues and their families to maintain a healthy work-life balance.