January 25th, 2020  is the beginning of our 5G timeline at A1. On that day, immediately after the finish of the award ceremony of the skiing downhill race in Kitzbühel, we switched on our 5G network live. More than 2.000 5G sites in Austria later, we once again write history with the world premiere of the first 5G truck with 2 poles. We owe this innovation on 6 wheels to Michael Jaworsky, a passionate tinkerer and problem-solver at A1 Austria. Dive into this story and get to know Michael and our mobile 5G station.

5G is the key technology with which we can already start digitalization today and it forms the basis for undreamed-of possibilities in regards to connecting people and things. A1 currently provides more than 4 million people in Austria with the newest radio access network generation and offers the best broadband-technology in our 5Giganetwork. You’ll receive more information about the 5G status quo in our countries at the end of this story in an infographic. The only thing missing on our 5G map was the mobile 5G truck that brings 3G, 4G and 5G network to wherever it’s needed.

Michael Jaworsky

5G on wheels

In June 2021, the 5G truck hoisted its poles for the first time at the music festival in Grafenegg, a small village in Lower Austria, and it provided undisturbed enjoyment on instrumental and technical devices. Michael Jaworsky, the inventor of the 5G truck, could not miss the premiere of his brainchild. He’s been with us at A1 for over 20 years, started with radio network-planning and optimization, and now takes care of topics about digitalization and radio design in the network department, where there are always interesting projects.

Where did you get your fascination for technology?
I’ve always thought radio was interesting. My attention was captured the moment three lamps started blinking. It’s cool when you can pass your fascination on to others.

How did you come up with the truck idea?
The starting point was an old truck with a broken engine. I had an idea, a vision, to create something new and 5G, with its uniqueness, should definitely be part of it. Luckily, I could convince my colleagues – with a sketch on a napkin – to support me on my nearly two year long journey.


What you can`t explain on a napkin, you can`t do on 20 pages/slides of presentation either.

Are there any refinements on the truck that you’re especially proud of?
Unique about this truck are its two poles. My team and I spent a lot of time figuring out the right orientation, statics and wind load.

Where can the truck not be missing?
The 5G truck enjoys being anywhere, where there are up to 50,000 people, that it can provide with the best radio technology, like the Erzberger rodeo or the popular Donauinselfest in Vienna.

How do you have to operate the truck?
The truck is operated by our colleagues like other trucks and is prepared for its operations by colleagues from network planning, optimization and OMC (Operations and Maintenance Center) and constantly supervised. Added up, that’s quite costly in terms of labor – just setting up the microwave link takes a whole day, lines have to be organized, switched on and configured… all of them things, that our colleagues operate in secret, so the truck can do what it is supposed to do.

How does it feel to be the first one in the world to have developed something like this?
It makes me proud, when working with colleagues for 1.5 years results in something so wonderful.

Why do you like going to work?
Cool topics and the teamwork with the people, that know what they’re doing, makes my job so special.

What does 5G mean for you personally?
And for A1? 5G in three words: capacity, speed, mobile office. In my opinion, A1 should take this technology to the maximum, build a lot and satisfy as many people as possible.

What’s your next project? Will there be a 6G truck? ;-)
I’m currently focused on the topic of millimeterwave. That’s 5G with Gigabyte broadcasts and low latency periods.

And while we work on the future, let`s look at our A1 countries and the local 5G news: