“Robots are like our colleagues. They stand side by side us humans when it comes to dealing with everyday tasks. They equally contribute to our company’s goals.” Sounds like science fiction to you? It is already reality at A1 Croatia. Mia Ivezic is so to say the mother of a robot family. Follow her in this story, when she tells us how robots became part of her life at A1 Croatia.

The idea of integrating robots in our routine and standardized parts of daily work came on naturally in A1 Croatia. It started a few years ago with a big focus on the digitalization of our company’s processes and our team´s or people´s mind-set in order to improve our overall performance. Robotic process automation (RPA) is playing a lead role in eliminating human errors, decreased execution time and only by that contributing to our customers’ experience. How? Over 90,000 Back Office Department tasks were handled by robots only in the past four months. This allowed our agents to invest more of their time in direct contact with our customers and in some complex cases that robots can’t handle.

Mia Ivezic
Robot Process Automation Expert

How it started

The first step in making all of this possible was to isolate the biggest process pain points in all of our departments. The department that was struggling the most with the number of every day repetitive tasks, which have a direct impact on our customers’ satisfaction, was the Back Office Department. As a next step, we specified tender documents and defined all sorts of requirements. A big part of this project and one of the main preconditions for successful RPA implementation in eight departments so far was and still is teamwork.

Collaboration was the key for success.

Customer first

Imagine an army of robotics workforce handling activations of our customers’ services on their own. That is a big responsibility and we had to make sure to cover all possible scenarios not to leave any room for mistakes that could have an unwanted impact on the final user: our customers. We took all lessons learned and in every RPA iteration tried to get the best possible results and improve robotics performances.

Is our future artificial intelligent?

RPA is a constant learning process for all of us and we all have to work close together in order to be successful and to bring each business owner in A1 Croatia benefits and planned results such as human resource savings. Within A1 Croatia, our robotic artificial intelligence became very popular and people accepted our “new colleagues” as something positive and non-threatening, just the opposite. They appreciate the amount of repetitive, boring, time consuming but unavoidable tasks that robots took on.

»Robots do not have working hours therefore, they reduce activation time which leads to higher customer satisfaction. This gives us an opportunity to develop our agents in different areas.«

Toni Lucic, Customer Service Operations Team Leader

I really consider our robots my closest colleagues sometimes because I spend so many time working alongside them monitoring their performance for each robotised process, making sure they are doing everything according to defined scenarios, etc . We plan to get the most out of this very impressive and inevitable form of Digital transformation that has given us a new form of life that eliminates the waste from our everyday jobs.

We are very proud of how far RPA has come in A1 Croatia and we don’t plan to stop here.