Living in a multicultural society is a long educational process. Working in one, can come with challenges but also with lots of benefits. Taking different approaches based on our cultural heritage to find new solutions, is something we embrace at A1.

The OneBSS project is an excellent example of how we deal with multicultural differences and similarities between A1 Countries and other countries.

With more than 100 people (with 9 different languages) working on the project, it is a nice case study on how we can all learn from each-other.

A tiny fun fact you’ll find below – no matter where you are from – chances are, your day starts with a cup of coffee ;-) #weareallthesame #butcoffeefirst

OneBSS in a nutshell …

In order to stay competitive in the fast changing industry we need to have a future proof BSS (Business Support Systems) and transparent, common business processes in place to increase operational efficiency and to be faster on the market for all future trends, new digital services, multi-party business models, customer centric and personalized Omni-channel products. OneBSS is the largest Digital Transformation Project which will co-shape the future of Telekom Austria Group and raise standards in customer centricity on the global level.

The New Normal

The OneBSS project core team includes around 100 people. The OneBSS framework is executed by the local OpCos and has the strong support from the A1 colleagues based in Vienna. The main project sponsors are the Group CEO and the CEOs of cluster Serbia & Slovenia and Croatia & Macedonia. The first company which is the incubator of the oneBSS project is Vip mobile in Serbia, also starting soon in and followed by one.Vip and Vipnet.

The team is working together cross-country and cross cultural with all team members pro-actively giving their expertise and views.

from the left to the right: Jelena Medojević, Nada Mihovilović, Branislava Gerić-Tarle

For more on that, we managed to get an interview with Nada Mihovilovic, the One.Bss project manager:

What is One BSS all about?

OneBSS is all about Transformation. But not only transformation of the systems. It will transform our way of working, change our business processes and the way how we manage needs of our Customers. It is part of the ‘One 2 Many’ program which is introducing between OpCos synergy on many levels (BSS, Core Network, SAP…).

Aim & goals of the project?

In order to respond to the challenges of the fast changing Telco industry, A1 made a strategic decision to modernize and unify core Business Systems Support stack in 4 countries. By changing our CRM, Billing system, Customer self-care and Web shop with the best-of-breed solution we will be able to act quickly, to produce services with higher quality.

Challenges of the project?

On a daily basis we face with different questions that need answers (usually “for yesterday”). Some examples: how to find space for 5 teams working in parallel, how to reach to the mutual decision from different stakeholders that will set the path for future product design, to how to budget the entire year with the scope that is moving target.

When did the project start and when does it end?

The execution of the project started in September in Serbia. Go live for Vipmobile and Simobil is planned for second part of 2018 and followed by Croatia and Macedonia.

Information about the project team? How large is the team? Who’s in the team?

It is hard to say how big the team is, because it is growing everyday ☺ Right now we have around 100 team members involved from 4 countries. But at one time in not so distant future, we will all be involved in one way or another.

… they all blend together like a sip of the first morning coffee.

How many nationalities are working @ One BSS Team?

When I come to the office in the morning I hear so many different languages that I can’t count them all. Serbian, Slovenian, Macedonian, Croatian, German, Hindu, Spanish, Greek, Italian…they all blend together with the perfect taste of the first morning coffee. At this is how our working day begins.

Diversity @ One BSS Team means …

Working with different cultures expires team members to be the best version of themselves. Inspired people have the most amazing ideas. By harvesting these ideas, we are build extraordinary products.

Why do we need experts from India for One BSS? What’s their job regarding One BSS? How long are they staying in Serbia?

Our future stack is built by a single vendor – Ericsson. But it is not just plug & play. We need to adopt surrounding systems environment to make everything work perfectly. That is why we need help of the system integrator and after a long selection process Wipro was selected for this role.

Your final thoughts on Diversity?

I was once told that “strength lies in differences, not in similarities” and I truly believe in that. It is very rewarding to be part of something so unique.