We enable the digital lives of our customers. This self-image also includes how they can get in touch with us. In addition to the classic physical shop visit, our purpose includes the digitalization of our communication and sales channels as well. One successful example is the A1 Live Shop. A few of our “A1 Live Shop” colleagues from all A1 countries tell us what it’s like to be in front of the camera all day and whether there are differences despite the uniform concept.

In 2018, innovative minds at A1 in Austria were already looking for solutions to advise our customers via video, thus upgrading the pure online channel with video. In November 2018, the time had finally come, the A1 Live Shop opened its virtual door and since then we have been advising interested A1 Live Shop visitors not only in Austria, but in all countries of the A1 Group.

For customers, the advantages are obvious. Just like in a real A1 shop, but independent of location, they receive high-quality advice and the A1 shop team helps them to find the right product or service. This concept has proven its value, especially in times of pandemic, because despite maximum security precautions to protect customers and A1 Shop advisors from infection, the best protection is still contactless. More over, shopping from the sofa also saves time. The A1 Live Shop combines the best of the online and offline worlds.

Tjaša, Tsvetelina, Stefan, Markus, Uroš, Jan, Snježana, Marija, Ana, Mihaela and Evgeniy talk about their everyday life in front of the camera, about the reaction and motivation of customers to visit the A1 Live Shop and about the best part of their job.

Tjaša, A1 Slovenia

What is the largest difference compared to working in a real shop?

  • Customers get to feel the same as in a shop, except that they cannot physically hold the device in their hands. (Tjaša, A1 Slovenia)
  • Here we have more time to answer the customer’s questions, to solve a case or make a sale. (Tsvetelina, A1 Bulgaria)
  • When working in an online shop you have to work better and harder on gaining the customers’ trust and you have to show your marketing and sales skills. (Stefan, A1 Macedonia)

Evgeniy, A1 Belarus

How is customers` reaction when visiting the A1 Live Shop?

  • They all have the same WOW reaction because they didn’t have a chance to visit an A1 Live Shop before. (Uroš, A1 Serbia)
  • Very positive. They see the live shop as something new and innovative and they enjoy being part of. (Tsvetelina, A1 Bulgaria)
  • “Wow! Cool! Is that you I see?” :) (Evgeniy, A1 Belarus)

This is the feedback of Snježana, Marija, Ana and Mihaela of the Croatian A1 Live Shop Team.

Uroš, A1 Serbia

Do you remember a special customer interaction?

  • One fun experience was when I got to test with a customer just how shock resistant the Samsung Xcover is. Can you imagine seeing a flying phone live? :) (Jan, A1 Slovenia)
  • When we opened the A1 Live shop, I had an interaction with an elderly couple and they told me that they are watching us all the time via the live shop camera and they just wanted to say HI :-) (Uroš, A1 Serbia)
  • They often tell us that they are waiving, but unfortunately, we cannot see them. (Tjaša, A1 Slovenia)

Jan, A1 Slovenia

Why do customers visit the A1 Live Shop?

  • Because they can do what they need to do fast and easy – no queues, no waiting, no precious time wasted. We all know that time is most valued by everyone, our customers inclusive. (Tsvetelina, A1 Bulgaria)
  • They especially like that they can make their purchase wherever they are; from work, from abroad, from the comfort of their couch. (Tjaša, A1 Slovenia)
  • The customers are more confident that they are buying what really suits them. (Evgeniy, A1 Belarus)
  • Many customers use this opportunity because of the COVID-19 measures. (Jan, A1 Slovenia)

Stefan, A1 Macedonia

Is there a typical Live Shop customer?

  • A typical live shop customer is familiar with the procedure, he/she is accustomed to online shopping and he/she trusts the approach. (Stefan, A1 Macedonia)
  • I wouldn’t say it’s any different, but customers tend to ask more detailed questions about the products in A1 Live Shop. (Evgeniy, A1 Belarus)

Tsvetelina, A1 Bulgaria

What do customers mostly ask for?

  • Customers have usually already made their choice of product by studying the features and reviews. In the second place, there are appeals for product demonstrations and specific device features, which we demonstrate with a video. (Evgeniy, A1 Belarus)
  • Considering that many have begun to equate us with an online shop, most questions are related to this. However,they enquire about open invoices, technical support for fixed services and similar. (Jan, A1 Slovenia)
  • Our customers usually ask for information about our combo package, which devices have online discounts and option for installment payments. (Stefan, A1 Macedonia)

Why do you enjoy working in the A1 Live Shop?

  • I can brag that I was among the first virtual sellers in Slovenia. And I enjoy giving our customers a truly special experience. (Jan, A1 Slovenia)
  • I enjoy working in A1 Live Shop because we can help people to get what they want from any part of Serbia, and because we are offering an unique experience in the digital age for the first time in our country. (Uroš, A1 Serbia)
  • The work is interesting, we meet new customers every day, and it’s an adventure. Every call is different, diverse, and this makes me love my work. (Tjaša, A1 Slovenia)
  • Because I feel good and I can do my job smoothly in peace here. :) (Tsvetelina, A1 Bulgaria)
  • This work allows us to develop technological innovations, of which there are more and more, as we have the opportunity to study the equipment in more detail live with our customers. (Evgeniy, A1 Belarus)
  • At A1 Live shop, we are a young team with amazing energy. (Stefan, A1 Macedonia)