If you still think that Serbian food is heavy, than think twice! Actually, Serbian cuisine blends Mediterranean flavors with the heartier eating habits of Central Europe. Apart from delicious sarma, stuffed peppers, kajmak, podvarak and other famous dishes which are a bit harder to digest, there are lots of light and mild dishes which make you feel balanced and calm :-)

Maja Novaković from Vip mobile is Marketing Communications Expert and one of those people whose lunchbox is always carefully balanced and full of fantastic flavors.

Get to know Maja and her attitude to food:

Food & cooking is …

an experiment, a hobby, an inspiration, an enjoyment, a creativity, a holiday for all senses :-)

Today’s lunch is…

butternut squash potage, marinated pork fillet with potatoes and lettuce with seeds

How often do you prepare your office lunch at home?

mostly 2-3 times a week

What is important for you regarding cooking & eating (e.g. using local products, eating healthy, etc.)?

quick and easy recipes with an interesting twist, using lots of unusual spices, as many fresh and raw ingredients as possible, food prepared in a healthy way and finally, the meal should always be well presented :-)

Your favorite food, cuisine?

Mediterranean cuisine, especially regional cuisine of Lebanon and Crete mmmh :-)

Do you have a secret snack hidden somewhere around your desk?

no, I avoid any ‘snacks’

What do you do when you get “hangry” and you don’t have any time for a lunch break?

I eat a banana and a little bit of almonds

What is your most favorite lunch recipe?

Various types of main dish salads, e.g. salad with baby spinach, grilled chicken, nuts and pomegranate

Get the recipe here

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