There are so many temptations seducing us during lunchtime: pizza, fast food, cakes and pastries! However, the velcom staff cares about its health and therefore makes a choice in favour of a delicious and healthy lunch prepared at home. What can be better than aromatic dishes cooked with love and care? Enjoy a culinary journey to Belarus!

During summer time, when the season of fresh young vegetables and fruits is in full swing, an easy and balanced diet is simply a must have! Then you can also find some real culinary masterpieces in the kitchens of our company at lunchtime: all kinds of salads, steamed and fresh vegetables, and for sure healthy and fruity desserts!

Today we are visiting Olga Nevmerzhitskaya, a specialist in training at the Development and Training Department, during her lunch break. Olga not only shared her simple and, at the same time, delicious recipes with us, but also told us a little about her eating habits. Read on to dive into Olga’s world of food:

In velcom we usually eat…

Delicious and healthy home-made lunch with seasonal vegetables

Cooking is…

… art, like painting, sculpture or music.

Cooking also is…

… an opportunity to give your loved ones tasty, healthy and beautiful dishes. And for this reason it is best of all to use seasonal products which fill our body with vitamins for the whole year.

The lunch for today:

The most delicious borscht and light vegetable salad from fresh young vegetables

How often do you cook at home for work?

Almost everyday, as it is both delicious and healthy

What is the most important for you when it comes to cooking and food?

Healthy ingredients and a beautiful arrangement of even the simplest dishes

What is your favourite dish?

Mmm…. String beans with bell peppers, mushrooms and chicken

Are there any snacks hidden in your work desk?

I always take some vegetables, fruits or berries. Sometimes even cottage cheese..

What do you do when you have no time for lunch?

Try to find time for lunch and have it at any cost!

What do you prefer to eat for lunch?

Vegetable soup and a fresh salad

The recipe I want to share…

Borscht and salad from seasonal vegetables