How many of us can explain our parents’ professions? Probably it is easier for those, whose parents work(ed) as sales staff, teachers, police officers or nurses due to a common understanding. But, what exactly is a network planner doing? What are the tasks of a data architect? And, is the work of a cloud service technician related to the weather? Those and other questions are answered at the kids@work days – and today for you ;-)

There are many exciting jobs at A1. Some of those are quite abstract and it is difficult to explain them to children. That’s why A1 regularly opens its doors to our kids to give them the opportunity to experience what their parents are doing and what it needs for future jobs. Finally, 5G and the Internet of Things are not only buzzwords but are filled with technical life and innovation becomes tangible and comprehensible.

We open now the A1 Group doors and grant you an insight on what our A1 kids experienced recently:

A1 Bulgaria – I am proud of my parents’ work

Already in 2013 A1 Bulgaria followed the UN Global Compact initiative “I am proud of my parents’ work”, aiming to show children that labor is of essential value and everyone is useful. Recently 220 A1 Bulgaria kids, aged between 6-12 years, took the opportunity not only to shadow their own parents on the job, but also other colleagues from the CEO to sales consultant. Of course, learning was been accompanied with a lot of fun and robots. VR glasses and drones guaranteed an unforgettable experience – including understanding for their parents’ work.

A1 Austria – Kids@Work

A1 Austria is heading to making technology easily understandable to kids and for stimulating curiosity on future innovation at A1 with several events, like the annual girls’ day, A1 Internet for All or most recently Kids@Work. That’s where internal experts demonstrate to A1 parents and their kids, aged 10-14 years, how 5G becomes tangible, where IoT becomes visible, how smart Smart Home actually is and why we don´t have to worry about electromagnetic fields. Some facts surprise and arise desire for more – among kids and parents :-)

A1 Slovenia – Open door day

A1 Slovenia is aware of how important the balance between professional and personal life is, and was one of the first companies in Slovenia to receive the basic Family Friendly Enterprise certificate already in 2007. Once a year it opens the doors to the youngest A1 family members and during this day, learning is done with creativity and fun. The A1 Slovenia juniors are invited to experiment, to explore the secrets of the Internet and to discover robots and technology. Only their imagination is the limit when it comes to the number of different robots that can be assembled and the number of tasks these will perform. Is the program successful? The sparkle in the children’s eyes and their happy faces say yes.

Vip mobile – Vip kids at work

Also vip mobile in Serbia is awarded as Family Friendly Enterprise, with an own kindergarten on its premises and many other possibilities to balance family and business life. The initiative “Vip kids at work” opens the building floor by floor to employee kids and even presents exclusively a Vip shop to them. Of course, it´s exciting to see where mum and dad are working and to get insights so that they can understand what their parents are doing in their jobs. The highlight is definitely the performance of the CEO doing magic tricks :-)

Vip Macedonia – Click safely: The Internet is not just a game!

Team members of Vip Macedonia travelled through the country’s biggest cities with this program, which is part of the Group-wide A1 Internet for All initiative, and shared their digital know-how with many pupils. Finally, it was the turn of Vip Macedonia´s kids and children aged between 9 to 10 years were welcomed to the headquarters in Skopje. Their learnings? The company their parents work for not only provides the infrastructure to use the Internet, but also takes care to use it safely. The educational program is winner in the category “Respect to the society”, awarded by the Coordinative body for social responsible companies and the Ministry of Economy.

Big and small ones are already looking forward to the open days next year and maybe a few of the now still small ones will in the future Empower digital life of our A1 customers one day as their parents do.