What is A1 looking for in India? Probably not yoga classes or sacred cows. Follow our colleagues Markus and Guido on their trip to India and see how their trip improved collaboration with IBM and how their experience contributes to our “One2All” strategy.

In November 2017 Markus Nebel and Guido Radeschnig spent 10 days in Bangalore/India. They did not go there for sightseeing in the first place, but with the mission to improve the collaboration between the A1-SAP-IT Competence Center and our software development provider, IBM. Markus’ and Guido’s goal was to impart specific A1 know-how and to train new processes of SAP-IT-CC. In return IBM demonstrated new strategies in the field of Artificial Intelligence & Automation which should facilitate our future targets of optimization. This will also help us in our “One2All” strategy to enable cooperation models throughout the A1 Group (e.g.: when we are thinking about automated presumption of faults during our OneSAP project).




Name: Markus Nebel
Works at: A1 Austria, Vienna (IT, SAP-IT-CC)
Works at A1 Austria since: 2011
Hobby: Climbing
Favourite project: OneSAP

»If there is a real business need, I recommend flying to India and getting to know the IBM team to every colleague of our IT development team. It is a great experience to work together with them face2face to improve our IT system landscape.«