The day has come for everyone to become an intrapreneur ;-) 
What are the requirements? An inspired idea, a team and an application.

Shpock-Founders Katharina Klausberger and Armin Strbac

The world of technology is advancing faster than ever before. Startups and innovations pop up everywhere like mushrooms. And our corporation want to speed up this growth by supporting some of those startup initiatives:

Start up Spirit @ A1

At A1, we’ve been running our own Startup Campus since 2015, where young and innovative companies can meet A1 experts and profit from their collective know-how. In Sofia, Mtel has been running a hackathon – a programming competition – challenging pupils to present an innovative technological solution to a given problem within 24 hours. The team that comes up with the best project idea gets a physical budget to realise it. This year, 300 students making up 40 teams took part in the hackathon!

More than 60 velcom colleagues collected innovative ideas at the “v-hackathon” under the motto “Digital Life”. Forming 10 teams, they developed prototypes for future web applications and services within only 48 hours, 4 of which were chosen by a jury and are already being implemented within the company. Quite a few of our colleagues have made extremely postivie experiences and know how fruitful it can be to sit down together and combine knowledge: one team from “v-hackathon” 2016 took their idea – an information and navigational system for disabled individuals – and entered it into an interdisciplinary hackathon in Minsk. They landed in third place! We at the A1 Stories team send our warmest and most excited congratulations :-)

Join us and become an Intrapreneur!

Our daily tasks, the to-do list that has to be worked off and the appointments that fill our calendars, sometimes prevent us from finding enough time to develop innovative ideas. That’s why we have created the “Empowering Ideas” programme: it’s a platform that will enable us to give our ideas space and time to mature.

So don’t waste any time! Become an “Intrapreneur@A1”. Submit your idea before June 4th together with the team of your choice and seize the opportunity to realise it separately from your daily business. Your contract and salary stay the same – but you get time to be creative and space to realise your own ideas on top!

And maybe one day you’ll be like Katharina Klausberger, co-founder of Shpock, a flea market app for beautiful things. We met Katharina at the 4GameChanger festival in Vienna – where our very own CEO Alejandro Plater participated in a podium debate. 
In a short word rap, she gave us a few pointers in the startup & innovations department. See and listen for yourself: