A1 as a telco provider proves its sustainable responsibility by incorporating Environmental, Social and corporate Governance goals in its groupwide company strategy. Referring to the »S«, the Group`s social ambition is to educate over 100,000 people until 2023, with special focus on children and youth in the segment of digital literacy. In this story, we meet Maja and Natasha, two colleagues who trained kids – and also learned about themselves.

In June 2021 A1 Macedonia finished the fourth round of lectures from the project »Internet is not just a game…Click safely!« aimed at 4th grade pupils, this year in an entirely online format. A1 employees, all part of this project from the very beginning, held the workshops with great enthusiasm giving their best to convey their knowledge to the children. They taught them how to recognize »unsafe« websites, how to properly use browsers and applications, not to share their photos and personal data, create safe passwords and most of all they taught them to report anything they find suspicious or strange to their parents or teachers.

We have the responsibility to educate the youngest members of our society.

We talked to Maja and Natasha, two of our colleagues and dedicated volunteers, about their experience with the project. Here are some of their thoughts.

Maja Savik Todorovska
Senior Customer Complaints Specialist

The teachers, parents and we, employees, welcomed the project with great enthusiasm. I am happy and proud that our company has ESG as part of our strategy and that our company invests in the education of the youngest, thus proving that we are socially responsible people. The experience I gained while working on this project is tremendous. I discovered that I have a gift, which I didn`t know I had before. I managed to keep the attention of 10 year old children for one whole school hour! We learned together, since learning is a feedback process, and we had a lot of fun together. The sincere comments and energy of the children is priceless. It is what motivates me to continue to be part of this project in the future. The passion I feel when I’m there is indescribable! A1 made it happen!

Natasha Boshkovska
Telesales Team Coordinator

It is an honour and responsibility to participate in the project »Internet is not just a game…Click safely!«. It is a unique experience, especially when children show you how useful you are :-) In our workshop, we discuss the habits, risks and the time children spend on the Internet in a fun way. We teach them and help them grow into reliable and responsible users of digital devices and contents. There is no bigger inspiration than seeing children’s eyes, keen on learning something different than what they learn at school every day. There is no bigger motivation than hearing their questions, ideas and conclusions. This is an excellent project and the children who want to know more are enough to motivate you. I look forward to every new workshop and recommend all of you to have such an experience.

Watch out! There are more A1 Stories in the making, giving you the opportunity to listen to the people filling our groupwide ESG engagement with life.