It’s already one year since the A1 brand became part of the Macedonian market. Some changes are visible, like our common logo and digital tools, whereas some changes are more gradual, such as the transformation of the corporate culture. We asked some A1 Team members about their experiences and feelings from the past year and about the A1 brand, including what inspires them most when working for A1.

The last year was a year of challenges. For the first 6 months all of us were busy and focused with implementing the new brand, introducing new products and services for the customers, while the second half of the year we learned to run the business from home under COVID-19 restrictions. We proved once again that difficult situations motivate us to give our best and that even though we are working apart, we can function as one powerful team. Together with our customers, we really improved in empowering digital life and grew together with them. We are really proud that we managed to adapt, respond quickly and be supportive in providing vital service to our customers.

»Our promise: A1 is a company you can trust.«

We constantly aim to provide the best customer experience in each sphere of work, we pay attention to our customers’ needs, we aim to go a step further through technology, and search for new possibilities improve our customers’ everyday life.

We met some of our colleagues to catch their emotions of the past year. Get to know Marija Bogdanova, Infrastructure Cloud Senior Specialist, Aneta Simonovska, A1 Shop manager, Tetovo, Irena Manusheva, Marketing Communication Expert, Stojanche Vanchov, Core Network Operation Expert and Chatbot Slavcho, the A1 Virtual Assistant.

One year with the A1 Brand. What is the biggest change for you? Visible and in the spirit?

»Continuous learning is very important to respond to new challenges.«

Chatbot Slavcho

Stojance Vancov

Stojanche Vanchov: With the A1 Brand, now we have a chance to look a bit further, so the customers can trust us and our network.

Irena Manusheva: From the first moment we all saw the new logo and new corporate colors, we were acquainted with corporate values and brand attributes. The A1 brand helped us to stand out from the crowd, thus giving us the power to set and navigate conversations with our customers in this dynamic digital era.

»I can feel a new energy flowing through our company.«

Marija Bogdanova

Aneta Simonovska: Apart from the new products, A1 opened a completely new world for us as employees, a world where cooperation, commitment and respect are highly valued!

Marija Bogdanova: Our customers where unexpectedly excited for the new A1 brand! All around, everyone was talking about A1 :-) Both customers and colleagues were happy to see “their” mobile network in roaming or product ads when travelling in our footprint countries: A1 Xplore Music logos, while waiting on Ski slopes in Bulgaria, the A1 Shop on Lassallestrasse in Vienna, buying a prepaid tourist card from A1 Slovenia, like at home.

»The biggest change was the feeling of becoming one with the A1 Group.«

Chatbot Slavcho

Chatbot Slavcho: I decided and devoted myself to learn something new and to upgrade my knowledge and skills in this year. I was really tempted by the extensive tariff portfolio, different promotions, as well as the various fixed technologies we offer to our customers. Now, I’m fully ready to answer any question and to solve our customers’ technical problems.

What does A1 mean to you in 1 sentence?

Chatbot Slavcho: My first synonym is dynamic and full of life, and I know customers think so too :-)

Irena: Attentive and reliable friend who keeps up with the world’s trends.

Marija: Team, opportunity, challenge, growth.

Stojanche: »Together we are stronger«.

Aneta: Team, pleasure, trust…

Irena Manuseva

What inspires you most when working for A1?

Irena: Colleagues, colleagues and colleagues

Marija: Currently, the biggest inspiration is that we are aware that our work directly contributes to keep people connected in these difficult times. We know the need, and we are responding to it. We helped many business customers to overcome the fear of the digital life and survive during the crisis running their business by using services from our ICT portfolio.

»We are here to encourage customers to experience the benefits that the digital era provides.«

Aneta Simonovska

Stojanche: Working with my colleagues and with vendors and configuring lots of different network equipment and involvement in big projects.

Chatbot Slavcho: My colleagues from Contact Center who know almost everything and help me to improve my knowledge, and our satisfied customers who contact me on all online channels- live chat, FB messenger and Viber too.

Aneta: My colleagues and their commitment, as well as our wish to offer our customers an opportunity for a »better world«.

My birthday wish for A1 Macedonia: