Most of us, who are parents of younger kids, know: good quality online content for your youngsters is hard to find. And, what would be better than having an attractive temptation bringing our beloved ones voluntarily to bed? :-) Our colleagues from A1 Slovenia reacted to this lack and started a heart-warming initiative that brings generations together. We met project manager Tanja for an interview and asked her to give us insights in this Slovenian fairy tale project and find out, which character she is most attracted to.

Once upon a time Slovenian parents were very desperate. They could not find valuable pedagogical online content for their kids, aged 3 to 8. A1 Slovenia recognized this need and went on its way out to search for companions to give parents and children inspiration back again. So, A1 Slovenia contacted renowned Slovenian fairy tale writers, young illustrators and retirement homes to join this long-term project with their stories. A creative agency and other professionals completed the teamwork and together they produced more than a 100 recorded audio fairy tales available via app on the phone, putting Slovenian children since December 2016 with a good story to fairyland. And they all listened to fairy tales happily ever after.

Lots of pieces fit together to make Lahkonočnice (Bedtime fairy tales) a successful project

Ideas and timing as well as a strong connection with our core business, like the embedded Soundcloud player on the mobile/web platform, which allows also a playlist of the child’s favourite fairy tales are the ingredients of success. And, finally passionate people working on it. All storytellers organized themselves in small interest groups in the retirement homes and read fairy tales to each other, to fellow seniors or to visiting children. Our writers are happy as well! Thanks to all the promotion we did for Slovene contemporary literature, even a few new writers sent us many e-mails with their stories and asked to include them into the project. Besides the parents’ feedback, the positive reception of the brand A1, numbers of downloads and site visits, as well as more than 30 awards prove this story to be a successful one.

»Emotions are the main driver for the project’s success and growth.«

Tatjana Kos

»We created something of value for every generation.«

Theme-based sequel

After 100-recorded stories, we decided to continue only on a theme-based basis. In 2018 followed the bee trilogy to celebrate the first international bee day and our beehives on top of our A1 headquarter rooftop. After that another five “Good night, prejudice!” themed fairy tales together with the national radio broadcasting service were published. We will continue this in 2019, as well as setting a focus on the visual part of fairy tales and importance of visual expression for children in early ages. Watch out for more information around the international bee day at the end of May! We are also busy preparing the publishing of two picture books based on our fairy tales, illustrated and designed in cooperation with ALUO students (The Academy of Fine Arts and Design).

We met Tanja, expert for Media and Channels at A1 Slovenia, for an interview on this special project.


Tatjana Kos,
Project Manager for
Bedtime fairy tales

What were your personal highlights and expectations?

Every new collaboration and sub-project is a highlight for itself. We have plans until the end of this year and I am sure we will find a way to continue the project. The library of contemporary Slovene audio fairy tale is here to stay for all generations to come; we just have to be innovative in its promotion.

What makes this project special?

The service hero product is an audio fairy tale, but we managed to promote not only Slovene literature and writers but also young Slovene illustrators while addressing seniors’ issues in retirement homes, such as loneliness and detachment from outside world, as well as cognitive dissonance. We pointed out pressing topics of prejudice, ethical and moral values through written and visual creativity.

Which is your favorite fairy tale?

I do listen to them and I have my preferences, but I probably listen to it with a different ear and perspective; I look mainly for the diversity among them since there are so many different target audiences and messages we would like to reach.

Which character do you identify with?

I relate to the dragons most easily. ;)

There are currently 111 fairy tales and one cartoon online which is available in English as well: