“What you like to do, you do well,” goes a saying – and if you enjoy working, it will work much better. When it is about our customers and the service we are providing, we at A1 Group want to be among the best. Annamaria Toth, project manager for the “International Customer Services Challenge” therefore tried a new, playful way: game, set, match”


Annamaria Toth

The initiative was born, after Annamaria recognized that the international service teams were facing very similar challenges despite the different markets, when they introduced sales in service programs. Besides known and experienced enablers, such as best-practice sharing, organizational alignment or trainings, Annamaria focused on gamification. It should bring sustainable value to our operating countries and help them to boost their performance. The assumption that the countries would need a lot of convincing to take part in this challenge proved to be wrong. On the contrary, the sales teams warmly welcomed the “International Customer Service Challenge” as they saw the benefit the initiative could bring to them and not only that, the A1 Group discovered its playing instinct.

The Competition

In 2018, the tournament that is internally referred to as “The CS Olympics” took place for the second time. During one month, six countries were competing for the best ranking, based on sales, customer satisfaction and operational performance. Around 2500 employees of the A1 Group participated or supported the completion thus creating an incredibly positive team spirit and causing a tremendous boost in sales. “The motivator for every team is to show that they are the best, and that is true: all of our markets have some unique asset,” says Annamaria.

So, what about the main impact? Sales activities are part of the daily business for our customer service agents and managing sales activities, targets and incentives is part of the job of the CS team leaders. Moreover, other departments like marketing, CVM and HR also have to support them to be successful. “Thanks to all colleagues for their local support and who made this huge project possible,” says the project manager pleased. #teamspirit

»This will remain my favorite initiative, as we really wanted to create something that makes work fun and enjoyable while helping each other reach our business goals.«

The winning team

The true winners of the challenge are in fact all our customers – and the Serbian team. So we asked our Serbian colleagues to give us their insights on motivation, challenges and learnings in the following gallery:

Raise the flags!

Behind every successful team, there is a fan community. Those fans excelled each other with creative ideas how to generate Olympic flair, starting from opening ceremonies, decorations, t-shirts and hats for teams, medals and trophies to celebrate the success. The voting for the best animation program took place on workplace by all participating countries: Congrats, Croatia!

Can you tell us the secret of your success?

“Every Olympic games incorporates hard work, dedication to details and the wish to give our best. In these Games, we recognized people and their desire for success as our greatest value. We never lost our competitive and fighting spirit and that is the reason why we won. Our customers benefit from best user experience and it helps us to build sustainable and lasting relationships with them. The challenges taught us to be confident in what we do and difficulties we face will make us more determined to achieve our objectives and to win.”

We are looking forward to the next challenge!

Some information about workplace

The whole communication ran on workplace (our social media tool) in the group Olympic Games @ A1 Group. The competition was very emotional: we announced country rankings on a weekly basis that always resulted in a lot of joy and congratulations visible on our channel. I consider this also as a success, says Annamaria.