On the 22nd of July our 9 final teams rocked the stage in the A1 conference room when presenting their ideas to become an A1 intrapreneur. Eventually we awarded three winning teams. Learn more about their challenges, their way to success and about their daily lives as an intrapreneur:

65 applications from the whole A1 Group, 9 nominated projects for the final presentation and 3 winning teams: Artemis, Social Media CRM and Universal Lock. We asked them about their first steps as an A1 intrapreneur, which lessons they have learnt so far and about their upcoming milestones

Artemis – meanwhile offensity– that are Aron Molnar, Philipp Mirtl and Daniel Endresz and with their idea they want to make the world starting from Austria more secure – at least from a hacker’s point of view. They show SME how they are affected by hacker attacks and recommend individually how to protect themselves. Follow them in their videoblog:

Social Media CRM is the Croatian project of Dora Blazeciv, Igor Kranjcec, Mila Perovic und Ana Marija Petricevic and together they are developing solutions how to improve our focus on being more customer target oriented. Click through the photo gallery and discover where and how they are doing this and who their “project heros” are:

Boris Grabner and Plamen Dintchev are the Austrian brains behind Universal Lock – and together they are not locking up themselves for finding secure solutions. Universal Lock persuades an innovative concept which enables thanks to global identity an intersectional combination of authorizations for Internet of Things components; and these combinations are secured via blockchain. Get to know Universal Lock and how it is like to realise one’s ideas as an intrapreneur!

Did you ever had an innovative idea and were convinced it could be successful but you didn’t have the possibility to realize it? Just hold on a little while, get ready with your team until January 2018 when “Empowering Ideas” is heading for round 2!