Belgrade, Serbia: about 170 managers, experts and young potentials from throughout our company met on 28th and 29th of September to discuss technological trends and the impact of digitalization on our strategy. Everyone could follow via live streaming on this journey to discover more about empowering digital life within and outside the company.

When going on a journey you need to prepare even if you are the world’s most spontaneous person. This applies also on our common business journey. Here is a short checklist to make sure the journey will be successful:


Getting ready: If you go on vacation you know the destination and will probably inform yourself about vaccination, cultural guidelines, foreign currencies and sights you should not miss. Likewise it is with our business journey: we know our destination is to “empower digital life”. Therefore we have to prepare and to develop the right skills as the environment is constantly changing. Start today and check out the workplace group “A1 Summit 2017” and don’t miss the A1 Summit learning package on digitalization at SABA! #constantlearning

Get connected

Privately or in business – going on a trip is easier if you have people to go with. #team #trust. New technologies as Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence create totally new opportunities. To face them our company provides us with several tools to communicate, to find experts, to work #agile together. The tricky thing is to find out what suits you and your needs best. Talk to your and other teams, share your experience and learn from each other. We will not only connect ourselves within the company to become leaner, more efficient and customer friendly, but also take a step outside the company towards our customers and co-create solutions for them to improve their processes.

Stay curious

Once you get infected with wanderlust, you will always search for new adventures. And this is also what we in A1 Telekom Austria Group are heading for: Our journey won’t stop, even if we don’t know today where “digitalization” is leading us. We do know that we have to face the opportunity to rebuild our market position providing our customers with extraordinary customer experience and innovative products. And innovation happens everywhere throughout our company.

So ask yourself: How digital are you today? What will you change tomorrow to become more digital?