It’s not only the birdies hummin’ it in the trees, but also studies, such as the Global e-Sustainability Initiative (GeSi) from 2015, are convinced that ICTs can reduce COemissions by 20% by 2030. What does this mean for us as a telecommunications company, you ask? Just read on!

Digitalization has resulted in telecommunications companies facing challenges on two sides: On the one hand, it is important to expand the infrastructure across the entire country in order to make corresponding products and solutions available on a broad spectrum. On the other hand, it is also important that the increasing energy demand of a growing network should be environmentally friendly and the handling of resources gentle.

We are facing our environmental responsibility and since 2010 have implemented an environmental management across the Group that controls and measures goals and activities. When it comes to reducing COemissions, we first employ targeted measures to reduce emissions, and in a second step we obtain all the energy we need through renewable sources wherever possible and economically viable. In search of role models throughout our group of companies, we came across some outstanding projects: A1 Austria is a pioneer in the environmentally friendly supply of its customers with its green network. In almost all countries, we take guidance from nature and use solar and wind energy as well as hybrid models for our base stations; in Belarus and Austria, photovoltaic parks contribute to green energy production.

Despite the progress we have made and the steps we have taken, our path is not over yet. In order for us to be so successful, we need a supportive management, solution-oriented specialists and dedicated employees who work in unison.

Taking responsibility for our environment is not just “feel good”, but needs a long-term approach and hard work. Click through a few sustainable activities from the A1 Group and learn more reading the Combined Annual Report 2017!