In 2020, we had our first experience, having picked up Corona-Easter instead of having picked up Easter eggs. Even this year, family gatherings on a large scale are still off-limits. Let us rather be infected by the blossoming season – those of us who do not suffer from the first pollen count, might enjoy the awakening flora and buzzing fauna during spring walks.

In the past year, we have learned a lot: self-organization, occasionally also taking care of the organization of our roommates, accepting unpredictability in a reasonably relaxed manner, seeing the beauty in the little things and the knowledge of the need to take conscious breaks. Not always easy to live accordingly, but not thinking about anything, allowing time for yourself and integrating a little carelessness into everyday life can help your inner well-being to remain in balance.

On your next walk in the country, consciously look and listen for the first signs of spring. Where are the birds chirping from the bushes? How brightly are the bees buzzing? Who has already discovered primroses or snowdrops? Who knows, maybe the Easter Bunny has hidden an egg by the wayside!

Good mood most probably works like love, it’s getting bigger if you share it. This is our aim with this Easter card and spring greetings. Feel free to send them to those you want to put a smile on their face!

Happy Easter! Честит Великден! Frohe Ostern! Счастливой Пасхи! Честит Велигден! Srećan Uskrs! Sretan Uskrs! Vesele velikonočne praznike!