“You cannot teach people anything, you can only help them discover it within themselves.” This quote from Galileo Galilei sums it up perfectly: we decide what and how we learn.

We are constantly on our mobile phones or in front of our laptops – we have long since arrived in the digital world. It is no different in regards to learning: we are learning constantly and independently, because through the information that this digital world provides us, all 18,000 colleagues in the A1 Group are able to decide for themselves how they access our various learning platforms: on the job or outside of their working hours, on the road or at home, on their mobile devices or on their PCs.

Learning happens at any time and from any place – we must be aware of this and utilize the new possibilities. One driver of this working culture is the A1 Learning Hub. Digitalization provides a natural lever, because it is easy to create and share content. The learning platform SABA is the central hub, which offers a large selection of courses, an intuitive user interface and a mobile app from which we can access all courses.

Our management team and the local HR teams will naturally continue to support us, but times have changed: we used to ask our manager for permission to take part in a course; today we have a variety of different ways to continue our education. You decide when, how, where and from whom you learn. We are also learning from others and especially in the area of social media, we have a completely new spectrum of possibilities, such as on Workplace. So come and join us in the digital world of learning, because only when we are prepared to continuously learn and share our knowledge will we be able to achieve our organization’s goals and our vision of “Empowering digital life”.

Accompany our colleagues through their digital world of learning: