In A1 Slovenija social responsibility is not only deeply integrated into the core business, but since May 2017 it can also be found high up on the rooftop at our headquarters in Ljubljana. It’s environmentalism on many levels! We have four hives with four bee families which not only have already produced delicious honey, but have also been distinguished with an award!

We started in May by setting up four hives with Carnolian bees on the green roof of the A1 office building in Ljubljana. Over the course of the next two months, our bee-colleagues produced 26 kg of linden honey and 64 kg of forest honey. Our colleagues filled more than 350 glasses with honey, packed them into A1 branded packages and also enjoyed a taste of them during a traditional Slovenian breakfast. #omnomnom

What our colleagues were able to taste in advance was confirmed by a panel of judges on Sunday, August 27th at the international competition at the Agra fair: Our amazing forest honey earned a silver medal! Furthermore, it confirms the research findings that state that urban-harvested honey has more advantages than the rurally-harvested honey, because it is free of pesticides.

A spoonful of honey…

…is always available in all A1 kitchens and will sweeten our tea during winter. We will also set aside some jars of honey to use it as special gifts for our business partners. And you can also win a glas of awarded sweetness – just have a look on Workplace “A1 Stories“. ;-)

By the way, our Carnolian bees not only buzzed around the rooftops in Ljubljana but also onto our A1 Slovenija logo! Now take a look at our bee-colleagues and their amazing work in the video.