273 teams, 250 m swimming, 18 km cycling, 5.1 km running and 10 hours team spirit. The 7th A1 Team Triathlon took place in St. Pölten in Lower Austria. Motivated athletes, cheering fans and an awesome organization were the reasons for an unforgettable event – for both the Austrian and the guest teams from the A1 Group.

September 14th 2018: The weather forecast doesn’t look cheerful. The sun of the past months is hiding behind a wall of clouds. Nevertheless, our A1 colleagues are working ambitiously on building up the racing tracks and the technical equipment, hold final organizational meetings and are creating a unique flair with our shiny red A1 logos. Even the predicted rain is dazzled and leaves us alone for a while. Then the first busses arrive and the float takes its course: Our experienced organizational team distributes starting numbers, t-shirts and chips. During a joint breakfast, more advanced participants share their experiences about the course and trainings with the newbies. Laughing and a jolly atmosphere can be found both inside and outside the big tent. It’s impossible to miss: A1 team spirit is all around.

We are A1

Like in previous years, A1 Austria welcomed teams from all countries of A1 Group to participate as well – here are their impressions of the A1 Team Triathlon:

Right after the race briefing it was the swimmers’ turn to start the competition. 250 m did not feel equally long to everybody, but finally all swimmers came ashore by themselves. Then it was the cyclers’ turn. Three rounds on a demanding course challenged the cyclers’ condition and control over their bikes. Finally, the runners took over and ended the tournament under thunderous applause of cheering fans on the finishing line. Remember the rain though? Luckily, only some runners got wet while finishing the course and by the time the heavy rains started, the A1 Team was already inside the tent attending the victory ceremony having its focus on the stage, the winning teams and of course, the food. Congrats to all who participated!

And for now: lean back, get excited and be part of A1 Team Triathlon next time!