When temperatures are raising, the brain starts to boil and switches to stand-by mode, then it´s great to have a reliable partner with smart cooling solutions. Our A1 Smart Home features shine also in summer. Paul Hofer, Product Owner for A1 Smart Home at A1 Austria, shares his passion for the product and his best tips with us.

About two years ago, Smart Home was launched in Austria and Croatia. It was developed as a One-to-All product (developed in one company and rolled out in our other markets) and is now available in Slovenia, Bulgaria as well as in Macedonia. Paul enjoys working in an agile and cross-functional team. It is “a lot of fun and focuses on topics which we want to realize for our customers. Topics, with a great future perspective and the challenge to find the best measures.”

– Paul Hofer
Product Owner for A1 Smart Home at A1 Austria

»For Smart Home we develop out of the box.«

Home Smart Home as inspiration

Where better than at home one could test and find inspiration for new smart features? What is Paul’s favorite? “The light control of course. And that the vacuum cleaner robot works while I am not at home and I still can control it via the camera, is really cool as well. :-)” Likewise are Paul’s summer tips that save energy and money:

Smart air-condition

The cloud solution IFTTT (If this, then that) enables communication between machines within your A1 Smart Home. For instance, you can program your air conditioning to run only when you are at home.

Smart air-condition 2

It can do even better! To avoid cool air escaping through open windows, you can also program via IFTTT to switch off the air conditioning as soon as a window is opened.

Well-tempered sleep

Switch your Samsung air conditioning to fan mode when going to bed. By that, your bedroom gets ventilated and not cooled as soon as your A1 Smart Home recognizes via IFTTT-app that you have gone to bed.

Fresh ventilator breeze

Even sockets become smart at the A1 Smart Home – especially in combination with the timing function in the A1 Smart Home app. This enables you not only to steer the ventilator from the couch but also activating the sleeping mode while you are already in the dreamland.

Cool drinks

Plug your ice-cube machine to the smart socket, start it on your way home from work – and an almost perfect, at least perfect cool, sundowner will wait for you! :-)