While drinking the first coffee in the morning, on the way to the office, waiting for the next bus or just right before falling asleep: There’s always some tune playing in the back of our heads. Most of the time it’s just background music, but sometimes we can’t stop listening to these tunes in a loop. Thanks to the new A1 Xplore Music app, we can now have them with us in our phones at all times.

Part of our group-wide strategy is to establish ourselves as a media company. A1 Bulgaria took the first step in that direction by launching its own sports channel. In May 2018 an employee trial was initiated at A1 Austria to test the new A1 Xplore Music App, gather feedback and use it wisely. The information that was gathered helped to improve the search and other functions, such as content management. Together as a company, we prepared A1 Xplore Music for the commercial launch.

Austria is a pioneer within the A1 Group, as there is no other telco with its own music product and its own editorial department. However, following our principle One2Many A1 Xplore Music will be available systematically throughout the whole A1 Group.

It’s all about music – anytime, anywhere

»High praise for the content«

feedback of employee trial

Many of us, as well as our customers, are already using another streaming service. This is why A1 Xplore Music Austria is not only designed for people that haven’t found the right service yet, but also for those who are looking for a streaming service with added value. This results in many new possibilities to get in contact with our customers, to upgrade the connection and improve it. The focus is set on local music – ‘cause if you haven’t heard it yet: Austria is a radio country! :-)

And who invented it?

»I’m thrilled – great job guys«

feedback of employee trial

What has been practiced successfully at América Móvil for several years is still in its infancy in Austria. But, as it should be for a large, connected company, we are constantly learning from each other; especially from those with many years of experience in the market: Mexico is one of the largest streaming countries.

In Austria, product manager Doris Freregger took the lead for A1 Xplore Music together with her colleagues. We met Doris for a short interview:

How did you feel about the time you spent working on the project?

»Is it possible to show a year in the album overview as well«

feedback of employee trial

It was very intense. We had to overcome a few obstacles – starting from the new design, to the new product name and of course, an incredible list of bugs and improvements that needed to be taken care of. In between, we had beta tests that helped us to get an outside view – i.e. from someone not directly involved in the project – and to set the right priorities.

»You need passion for the subject, good stamina and above all the will to achieve quality.«

How was the cooperation with América Móvil (AMCO) and within the time itself for you?

AMCO was very motivated. One challenge was of course the time difference and working over a large distance. In Austria, we worked very closely with the A1 Group, which was our connection to Latin America. Of course, there were differences of opinion from time to time, which is also important in order to achieve the best possible result. In the end, we have learned a lot: from our partners, but also from each other.

Which song motivates you?

It’s quite difficult to break it down in to only one song. What motivates me, is the “new generation” of Austrians: Bilderbuch, Mavie Phoenix, Garish, Voodoo Jürgens; But also the “old” ones like Attwenger, Ambros, Qualtinger or the electronic artists of the new millenium like Kruder & Dorfmeister. These artists prove that a small country can create great things.

What was the first song you were looking for in the A1 Xplore Music App?

A song by Falco, of course. After all, a music service without the icon of Austrian pop would be unimaginable. Falco was even included in the Latin American test version! This shows how much noise the small but fine music country Austria can make.

Which song describes your emotions for the upcoming launch best?

„Get the party started“ – after the long and intensive project work, I am looking forward to launching it on the market. And of course to the following feedback from the market and the customers!