Women´s quota and token woman, it both sounds bulky and boring. However, in order to find a balance at the gender account, the variables of the equation must be consistent. Thus, we are still striving to make more women, more diversity visible within the company.

On March 8, we are celebrating the international Women´s Day, enhancing that today´s world has not yet reached a balance of gender equality. This year there will be a collective call for action to contribute with single activities questioning and addressing gender-based prejudices and looking for female achievements (and why not also for those groups that are otherwise a minority?!) and celebrate them, to cut it short: to make the world more inclusive and diverse.

At A1 Group, we are also striving for a diverse A1 Team and having defined within our sustainable ESG targets to increase the share of female management positions up to 40% until 2023 and to keep a women overall share at 40%. In some A1 Group countries, such as Bulgaria, Slovenia or the Republic of Serbia, »women« is no issue at all, because equality is lived each day. In others, there is a focus on more diversity. And that´s how the internal activities look like:

Diversity @ A1 Austria

Talent does not come with a gender, and each of us is unique. We are putting this message in the balance, giving it the necessary balance in the person of our female CFO Sonja Wallner and so we are rebuilding the equation: more diversity + higher creativity + solution expertise = better corporate results. A numerous of women´s promoting activities help us achieve this balance, for which we were recently honored with the equalitA seal by the Federal Ministry of Austria for Digital and Economic Affairs.

It is not only internally important to us to implement targeted measures for the promotion of women; we are also looking beyond our own horizons and recently provided EUR 6,000 in financial support for the activities of the “Frauen beraten Frauen” (women consult women) NGO.

A1 WoMan @ A1 Belarus

In Belarus, A1 is breaking new ground by connecting a male public holiday in honor of the defenders of the fatherland with the international Women’s Day, celebrating A1 WoMan for two weeks. On a specially created microsite, there was an interesting, varied programming for everyone, completely independent of gender. And the calculation is paying off, too: With an online journey through the A1 Group countries, various web talks on lifestyle topics, creative workshops, quizzes, live concerts and, of course, internal greetings, the virtual party was a complete success for everyone.


Greetings @ A1 Macedonia

In North Macedonia, Women’s Day was taken as an opportunity to try out new things. The first recipients of the new salesforce tool were female colleagues with a greeting card delivered.

It’s up to us, to make the world each day a little bit better, more colorful, more diverse and turn challenges into chances.

And what is it that you would like to change?

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