This time we open the doors of the new headquarters of Vip Macedonia where we walk around with the executive director Mislav Galler asking him 42 questions on different topics. Find out whose thoughts he would like to read or which mistake he repeats every morning!

Mislav Galler is the Executive Director of Vip Macedonia since December 2017. He joined the Vipnet team in his home country Croatia in February 2012, holding the position of Head of Business Sales, while he was appointed Business Sales Director at Vipnet in February of 2015. In 2016, he was appointed Chief Enterprise Division Officer and Leadership Team member, managing several departments.

If you have not met Mislav before, then listen to him answering 42 questions to notice that he loves Skopje, is very excited about his job in Vip Macedonia, is inspired by Ferenc Molnar’s book “The Paul Street Boys” and has an interesting answers regarding music.