This time we are meeting Ivan Bartulović, Vipnet Senior Director Human Resources and Corporate Communications. As he is always in a hurry, we decided to interview him in a car on his way home. But, during the shooting of this video, Ivan had to go back to another meeting so all of you who will watch this video really closely you will notice some same locations. :-) #agile. Fasten your seat belt and take a ride with Ivan!

Since September 2016, Ivan has been heading Vipnet HR and Corporate Communications, whose main focus for the current and upcoming years will be learning. Therefore, Ivan is very proud of the fact that we kicked off our digital skills development program Vipnet Digital Academy. Until now, 470 digital skill gaps were identified, while as much as 294 colleagues were nominated for the program.

And what about Ivan and his life outside of work? Listen to his answers to our 42 questions and get to know him a little bit better. Join us and watch the video!