We service customers in 7 different markets. First in line: our sales crew in the shops. Join us on a virtual journey from Belarus to Bulgaria. Meet our colleagues and find out more about differences and similarities.

As different as our countries, customers, brands and markets are, what unites us is a common understanding of creating a positive Customer Experience. Because A1 is nothing without our customers.Our Guiding Principles support us along the way: We take responsibility, we understand our customers and keep an outside view. Our actions are about our customers, we will listen, build up trust and offer the best solutions for their everyday needs.

Shop Employees – ambassadors between company and customers

»A smiling, happy customer is the best promotion.«

Mihael Sledić, Si.mobil Shop Manager

Someone who has a great understanding of his job and was awarded at the SKOK Sales conference last year, is Mihael Sledić, Si.mobil Shop Manager in Ljubljana, Slovenia. In his opinion satisfied customers and closed sales deals are all the result of a successful team. Trust is key, as well as continuous training in order to being able to offer customers a matching solution at the right time.

A personal touch when it comes to customer care, is also the priority for Slavica Mihajlov, Vip mobile Professional Shop Advisor in Belgrade, Serbia. To try to understand customers and to treat them the same way we want to be treated ourselves, balancing agility and professional results – that is the key for a satisfied customer base. Since 10 years she has been working for Vip mobile and many happy customers confirm, that is is exactly the right way to establish a successful Customer Experience.

»My secret? Passion and the goal to have many satisfied customers.«

Slavica Mihajlov, Vip mobile Professional Shop Advisor

»Trust is the key to achieving a positive Customer Experience.«

Petya Tsureva, Sales Supervisor at Mtel shop

Petya Tsureva, Sales Supervisor at Mtel shop in Sofia, Bulgaria, is convinced that the overall experience is far more important than the actual purchase. As a shop employee she views herself as a part of the customer journey. Persuaded by commercials, a customer visits the shop at which point it is up to her to fulfil the expectations by providing excellent service. Going the extra mile helps – if you can exceed expectations, customers feel much more appreciated.


To please customers it takes 3 things, according to Martina Santini, Vipnet Shop Coordinator in Zagreb, Croatia. 1 – a great product, 2 – an appealing presentation and 3 – an understanding for the needs of your customers. Perfectly prepared on a daily basis, Martina meets her customers and is able to present all the advantages of their products (even compared to competitors). She and her colleagues are very excited to participate in the ongoing group project New POS concept that will help them to be more structured in approaching POS transformation in a way to bring their customers digital experience.


»Happy customers want premium products and us being able to explain them easily.«

Martina Santini, Vipnet Shop Coordinator

»The work of a customer service agent is similar to being a private investigator.«

Denis Postnikov, Lead of Sales Center at the velcom Retail Sales Division

Another highly experienced customer care colleague is Denis Postnikov, Lead of Sales Center at the velcom Retail Sales Division in Minsk, Belarus. To him an unconditional commitment is the factor of success when it comes to Customer Experience. Like many of his colleagues, he tries to gain the trust of his customers on a personal level in order to find out more about their needs.
No wonder some of his former customers still contact him even after moving abroad.


»I’ll never give up. Together the customer and I will find a solution.«

Ivana Vukikjevikj, Vip Operator Senior Sales Advisor

Right in the midst of events, you’ll also find Ivana Vukikjevikj, Vip Operator Senior Sales Advisor in Skopje, Macedonia. “Her” store is located in downtown and gets visited by avg. 4000 customers a month, looking for support. Vip offers a broad portfolio of solutions that gets adapted and upgraded on a frequent basis. Ivana gets acknowledged for her work by looking at the happy faces of her customers. She is convinced that Vip has a matching solution for everyone.


Dusan Antonic works at the A1 store in Vienna, Austria. His daily work is all about customer satisfaction. For Dusan customer relations dos not stop when the sale is done. Quite the contrary, store employees are the point of contact during the various phases of their lifecycle.

»An appreciative relation with customers is quite beneficial.«

Dusan Antonic, A1 Store assistant

Together for our customers

Touchpoint Net Promoter Score

The group wide TNPS project measures customer satisfaction after a store visit and delivery valuable information. It works pretty much the same in all of the 490 stores within the A1 Footprint, which allows us to share our knowledge. If we look at comparable international TNPS benchmarks, we know that we (with a score of 64) are on the right path towards an efficient and successful Customer Experience. We currently are the number 5 in EMEA and APAC.

How can we be even more successful in 2017

The motto at A1 is “re-invention” and it consists of several projects. Employees match each other on a platform to see who made more sales (gamification). At a new “master store” they can test new systems, processes and promo material to get quick feedback on how they influence the Customer Experience. Also “digitalisation” will be part of a new store concept to cater a variety of customer needs.

velcom in Belarus is concentrating on digital order fulfilment. The stores will have a dedicated play corner for kids, so parents can take their time to study the portfolio. First line support will be able to solve more cases without consulting second level support teams. And Workplace should become a platform to exchange experience and knowledge with colleagues.

A new store concept is also the focus in Croatia. For Vipnet in Zagreb (Gajeva) they are developing a new flagship store with a special emphasis on digital Customer Experience. In 2017 they will also concentrate on individual key figures of the TNPS in order to improve the average handling time and other KPIs. Improving TNPS is also a goal of Vip mobile in Serbia. They want to work on new sales models, faster service and better test/loan mobiles.

In 2017 Mtel in Bulgaria will further develop and promote online payment systems. Another focus is implementation of Omni-Channel customer service empowering the customers to start an activity in one channel and seamlessly transition to another. The shops will also get a more uniformed look and feel in order for the customers to have a similar experience and will have all Mtel services available for testing.

Si.mobile in Slovenia will get a re-branding. In 2017 all shops will get the A1 branding. The new look and positioning should attract more customers. They will also benefit from new products and services.

More information on our KPIs, markets and segments you’ll find here.