Awakening and fulfilling customer needs is a reasonable approach to do business. However, the question of HOW is becoming more important. How do customers learn about offers tailored to their individual needs? How can modern technologies support the A1 shopping experience? And finally: how does A1 support the necessary skills development of the A1 team? Join us on an exciting journey – the A1 Customer Engagement Journey – with exclusive insights.

Our lives have become more digitized than ever in recent years: we work, learn and spend our free time increasingly digital . It has therefore become important for all brands to be present where customers are, to reach them and be there for them when they need help. Since COVID, we have seen significant growth in the use of digital channels in all A1 countries. We also see that digital customers demand a digital experience that is simple, personal and convenient. Studies show that for many people, this digital experience plays a stronger role in the purchase decision than the brand. The customer experience at A1 is not just digital, but it spans multiple channels. Even this experience should be personal and simple as well.

What does that mean for A1?

Simply put: we have to make the digital experience better every day and interlink the channels even better. This starts with the way we address new customers and extends to the design of offers and simple processes for providing assistance. Data helps us identify and solve the right and important customer issues. For example, every time we interact with our customer, we get to know each other better and better. We gain new insights into their preferences, wants and needs. With this information and the use of new technologies such as AI or machine learning, our aim is to satisfy them with personalized and relevant solutions.

To ensure that we continue to play an active role in this area in the future, we are focusing internally on appropriate further development measures and offer learning opportunities for the necessary skills.


„Know-how, talents and skills ensure continuous digital interaction with our customers throughout their A1 journey. The further development of our skills, methods and ways of working is fundamentally important, and also for successful customer engagement.“

Eva Zehetner, Head of Human Resources at A1 Group

Join us on a ride to see how these applied skills look like in Belarus, Austria and Croatia and how our customers benefit from them.


Inna Peskova

The future says »hello«: The voice agent Alina at A1 Belarus

More than 50,000 voice recordings were necessary to ensure that the automated friendly form of address and downstream problem solving work well. This was time well spent, during which both the algorithm and the A1 team, Inna together with the business analysts and developer Sergey, Alesya, Andrey and Guram were able to learn. Today, our customers benefit from a short turnaround time for standard problems, they have no waiting times and the A1 colleagues can personally take care of the tricky service cases.

Inna Peskova (Project Manager at A1 Belarus): »Today we have 50-55% of end-to-end conversations between customers and Alina. By the way, Alina works on the inbound and outbound lines.« The next goals: In 2022, we want to increase voice bots’ penetration into the company processes and increase customer satisfaction.

»Data, we need more data«

Andreas Krystovsky

At A1 Austria, an extensive data warehouse was already built up 15 years ago in close cooperation between the Campaign Management Team and the Data Team. Since the introduction of marketing automation and the trend towards digitization, it became clear: there was a lack of web and real-time data. Why? So that the best offers could be made to customers in a timely manner. The C360 project team managed to close this gap in just a few months. The data is secure in the cloud and the offers are with our customers.

And what have we learned? »We are only successful as a team, both technically and in terms of communication. Use real time wisely.« (Andreas Krystovsky, Head of Business Intelligence Competence Center at A1 Austria)

Monika Majstorović

The Croatian Hawkeye

A1 Croatia is having a precise eye on the satisfaction of its customers. This is where hyper-personalization, automation and networking of all touchpoints with our customers come into play. We are providing the predictive offers via the preferred channel in a proactive and personalized manner.

„From Mid April 2022, after a pilot phase, it will be ready and we are looking forward to the first reactions of our customers.“
(Monika Majstorović, Director Marketing Consumer at A1 Croatia).

Here, too, the secret of success was exceptional teamwork, both nationally and internationally.